Friday, December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

The reason He came. He took part in the flesh because before He always was and always will be.
 He was born to raise us from the grave.
May the God that truly holds the whole world  in
His hands Bless you this Christmas season with His 
awe and love. 

Moose attempting to participate in family photos. I was the only willing family member!

The most handsome man I have ever seen with a tractor!

The two most powerful pint size worshipers of Jesus Christ I know with their new mini Piano!

Two brothers, two countries and too incredible a bond! God ...did..that!

Samuel gave Thomas the Lego car I gave him in Russia the day after he was adopted. Samuel 
gives with a humbling generosity like I have never seen. God..thank you!
I love him so much! knew it was coming. You see the that little guy being watched over by the big guy? That big guy waited too long to have a Christmas with a family. How I wish we had the chance to pour out the love of Christ in celebration to our big guy when he was so small! 
You want to change the world this Christmas...forever? 
Start with one. 
So many wait. So many just stand still.

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