Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our Youngest Birthday Boy!

You have the ability to absolutely drive me crazy and melt my heart with that smile! I do believe Thomas that you were meant to be my lil guy! Our son! Im truly thankful on my knees to Jesus that He alone sent you into the arms of our family from so very far away! You were and always will be my surprise! I absolutely adore you and know that Christ adores you too! I am pretty sure that He created you laughing and smiling the whole time! Your Joy is contagious. Your ability to memorize scripture and use it to encourage me is a miracle! You love your sister so much and I am so grateful that you have her and she has you to tumble together through the years! As you chase your big brothers very big footsteps, don’t forget to reach up and ask for a kiss. He likes you just as much as you Love him. I pray God will continue to grant you vision and you will sing it with that incredible voice He gave you. You worship our Creator as if you had a choir to lead and you are only today turning Four! You are the little son that I am sure bounced into my heart and filled a dream I did not even know I had! Life without you falling into my lap and kissing my lips would be so dull. I deeply love you! Always remember that God ALWAYS has a better plan! I am deeply grateful that the Lord put you in our arms forever. 
Thomas, God Bless your first Birthday in your forever family. 

Happy Birthday Thomas

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