Monday, May 25, 2015

The Daughter of my dreams

I serve a Mighty God. His love is so intimate and faithful. He even gave me a gift so incredible that my heart beat rapidly changes when I am brought to the reality that I am not dreaming. Oh my dear God, I love this little girl! I love her more every day and your unfailing love brought her and I together. Two sinners saved by Grace from your death on the cross! You redeemed me to introduce YOU to her! Thank you! My Birthday wish for her is so simple. May she bow at your feet and dance for Joy in the freedom and fear of you Lord Jesus. May she seek you and be saved to tell the world that you are her King Jesus! May her peace and contentment be found in NOTHING else but her purpose through you, her Joy never ending and her Faith that will move mountains forever….
I love you Faith
Your adopted forever mama

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