Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In love with The Father of Orphans

     Yesterday our two youngest had a fight. It was full of animated body language, loud and intense three year old vocabulary. The fight lasted almost all day and well into the evening routine. 
Okay, so it wasn’t really a fight. It was more like an argument. 

   Do you want to know what it was about? They were fighting over who they belonged too. Our former orphan daughter was screaming, “ Mama’s Faith! “ Thomas quickly yelled back, “Thomas’s Mama!” It was even more comical when they began to yell, “Samuel’s Mama!” I think I laughed more than I ever have. Their vocabulary only multiplied when daddy came home for lunch! Then it was, “ Thomas’s Baba!” and “ Faith’s Baba!” Laughter, drooling and even stumbling followed! Both of them, overjoyed at the freedom and reaction when we kept confirming this very solid truth. 

They have a family….forever.

After I cleaned up my overjoyed little ones and tucked them in I had a permanent smile on my face.

So, naturally, I began looking at pictures of how far they have come in the bonding process and the taking off of their status and putting on the sonship that Christ created in adoption. I could see their little hearts being covered with royalty and beauty. The pain of being an orphan is beginning to subside.

I thanked God because only by HIS adoption of me, a great sinner could I see that adoption here and now is Jesus’s heart. 

So, why blog about it?
It is pretty personal.
Because I’m tired of the photos of countless orphans waiting. Im tired of watching them languish in orphanages while families pinch pennies to bring them home. Im tired of hearing about the doors closing while families almost…got…them..home. 

Im ready for more.
Im ready for more families to see the value in these precious little ones! Im ready to see The Church, like ours unite with families and give generously to bring these kiddos home! Im ready to send a family to wherever with our own money to embrace a child/older child or children into their forever family!

Im ready because IM IN LOVE! Im in love with The Father our Lord Jesus Christ and He adopted me!

Are you ready?

First ..Lets Pray! 
This is the biggest thing we can do!

Second…Lets give! 
There are so many families adopting from the USA and International all around us! 
Adopting families often spend countless days in paper work, selling things, taking extra jobs, pulling life savings or whatever it takes! Give generously if God motivates it! Trust me when I say for some families it is THE DAY that a document was due or THE DAY they got the call to fly! Maybe they have the money though…SO WHAT! Can you think of a better way to invest in the lives of people?

Adoption can be HARD. These families need your prayers, kind words and love. Be the light in the room when you see them! Light up and be excited for them! They are pouring out so much and need your encouragement!

Inspired? Good! Now get to it! 

The doors to Russia are now closed to International Adoption. Can you imagine? Don’t wait. Pray, Give and Encourage!

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