Thursday, December 4, 2014

Worship notes

 So, as I journey deeper into this marvelous love story that Jesus wrote on my heart at age 14, I feel pressed to BLOG! I hope the following whispers from Creator God into the inner workings of my soul are a great encouragement to you and bring Glory to God in every way.

I am so in Love with Jesus.

Hope flows through suffering.

When the enemy seems to be chasing me and I'm running in fear. I must Stop, turn around and remind him that the RED SEA (God) is going to crush him as I reach the steady foundation of God's word. 

God has to cut away my flesh to reveal His Holy spirit in me. To call and pull me into a right relationship with Him. Obedience in Christ is when flesh falls off. 

Present problems often prepare us for future positions.

...we applied for our Visas today. Soon we will be a family of five. It is ONLY because Christ adopted us first that we can step out in Faith. God's love has recked us! I pray it continues to do so. 
Worship Him today. 
Find a secret place and just let the great physician work on your heart. Draw near to the great creator and Lord of all Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas,

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