Saturday, November 15, 2014

Unconditional Love from you and miracles abound! Praise GOD! No, really..PRAISE GOD!

We have been on quite a journey through this adoption. Rescued by many through prayer to our awesome Lord Jesus Christ. There have been so many that have truly sacrificed time, money, self and  time to bring Daniel and Leah home. We stumble around trying to find ways to thank them and fall short I'm sure.

PSALM 96:3
  Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.

  Our biggest hope is in Christ and His great rewards for those who have been relentless in helping Daniel and Leah have a family and be introduced to our almighty Savior and friend, King Jesus. 

We love you and love being co-laborers while here. We are encouraged by your love for orphans because of your adoption. Thank you.

So, here is an update. Get ready to jump, sing and rejoice at all the good things God has done in THE WAIT! He is mighty to save! Praise Him!

Ladies first...(: Our baby girl Leah Faith


Do you see her standing? 
Do you see God's mighty power to heal? I do! 
I praise my Lord!

Our youngest son, Daniel Thomas!
 Do you see his heart?
 I do! I shout for Joy in Christ!

God is so powerful in this sweet boys life! 
We are so excited to meet him too!

We hope to bring them home soon. We are still in the midst of some very important documents but moving along. Have we mentioned God's great Faithfulness? Leah's status said healthy. How great is our God? My heart just sings! God has also been providing for our family in miraculous ways, absolutely miraculous! I am in awe of Him! 

We love you all and pray great works of the Lord through your hands and Blessings from Christ to move and equip you to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued LOVE and coveted prayers as we prepare to LOVE these kiddos with as much as we have from our Lord! 

Thank God be the Glory and Honor ( :

 Marcos, Samuel and Jamie

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