Saturday, June 7, 2014

Adoption update...Time to worship..Time to serve a Widow and bring home some Orphans! Our youngest Son's photo!

My God has done great things. He has moved mountains. He has forgiven my heavy sins and lifted my head. What a mighty God we serve and worship. May all Glory be given to the Creator of heavenly lights.


 Well, after much praying and waiting on a very direct calling from the Lord, we have been given the green light to start a much desired fundraising project. This one aims directly at the Heart of God and we are very honored to be in the middle of it. I would like to take a moment and explain why to me this is such a great answer to prayer. It is not the funds, while in fact we need them. It is the project itself.

 During prayer at the beginning of our baby steps into the deep waters of fundraising, Marcos and I waited on the Lord. We knew there had to be a better way to raise funds for adoption than asking or starting a 5K, BJJ tournaments, selling donuts, working our tails off, online auctions, garage sales, support letters etc.

We think those ways are all good, very good ( thank you so much to all of you who have initiated and even taken the reigns for all of these!) 
but we wanted something GREAT!
GREAT for God!

 Not a money maker but a project or fundraiser that would really focus on more than us,us,us or stuff or even fitness!

 Waiting for the approval to raise funds was difficult. Our flesh suffered with anxiety over every proposal and sweet, selfless request from others to raise funds in different ways. We knew if we started any or all fundraisers that life at home would not be spent preparing our family in Christ for such a selfless change adoption requires of our family.  Work, school, relationships and fear would motivate each one. So, we did our best to pray through each one. We moved forward and ONLY by God's grace...we waited for this one Fundraising project ..we knew would have eternal lasting value! 

So, without further "teasing" we want to introduce you to our answered prayer. I have copied most of the details below and soon....very soon...there will be more! Soon, God will provide the Widow...make a way for the orphan and WE AS A FAMILY can get our hands dirty serving BOTH!

Pray for our widow......
Pray for your part in this........
Ask God to love on everyone involved and that each person will hear the good news of Jesus.....

HERE WE GO!!!!!!


Presents, the project of helping a Widow in the community with home repair, construction or restoration  through donated supplies and sponsorship of the adopting family to raise funds for the orphan!

Here is how it works....

Think of Fundraisers where people participate in a 5K or a marathon than ask for donations. You will send out prepared letters seeking "Sponsors" to help donate towards you ..  not playing in a golf tournament or running but in this particular project, YOU or your TEAM, CHURCH GROUP actually working on a widow's house instead! 

All supplies will be donated so %100 of the money raised will go to  adopting orphans into a family, in this case our Family and kiddos from China!

As you gather "Sponsors" for your work day....

It gets better...
Life song FOR ORPHANS has given us a matching grant.....
If we raise that ...can you imagine how much closer we will be to bringing home two longer orphans but loved and redeemed by God.

So, I'm going to be looking for workers...small and big..strong and not so strong ( me )

We will be praying for the Widow ...
and we will be working with BOTH HANDS ( the logo at the top ) as well as Life song to get this project up and running!


Thank you Lord for answered prayers....Thank you Life song....Thank you Both amazing ( : Praise be to God! I think this calls for a photo..introducing our soon to be youngest is 

Daniel Thomas....

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