Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adoption Update and THREE PHOTOS of our Girl in China !

Hello family and friends! 

Did you know in nine days our middle child..our little girl in China ...will be turning three years old? 

May 17th is her Birthday!  

We are hoping to give her a beautiful gift this year...a FAMILY!

Will you celebrate with us and help her come home? 

We have a $500 matching grant on the table!

If we can raise $500 by May 17th..her Birthday..we will be given the $500..that is 

closer... to bringing her home!

We were already given $100 last night..even before we asked...

( 8:28 PM) We were just gifted $100 this evening so here is another picture...thank you Nicole!

(9:12 PM) Mr or Mrs Anonymous just put us over the edge! 


Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous........Thank you. Thank you for giving her hope of a family when she was looking at her future in an orphanage. Thank you for giving to pull up our grant and to everyone who gave to get us to the $1000.00 matching grant....we are thanking God for you and words really fail me. Maybe a picture would do? God's love in absolutely INCREDIBLE!

( Please do not post to your social media without permission from us )

( please do not post to your social media without permission from us )

( please do not post photo in your social media without permission from us )

God Bless you
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement !

Donation and adoption details below:

You can donate via pay pal using the donate button at the top of our page or a personal check written to us or our adoption agency with our first and last names in the memo line.
Our adoption agency is CCAI ( Chinese Children Adoption International )

We have 25,000 remaining to bring both children home. We are adopting a boy and girl from China, both special needs, both soon to be three years old. The matching grant is from a family in Florida who believes in the biblical mandate to take care of orphans from our Lord Jesus Christ. This is also our heart and call from our adoption through Jesus Christ into His family forever.

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  1. Outrageously glorious! So eager to love on her and make her part of our extended family! Praise God for your love for orphans!