Monday, April 14, 2014

Time for an Adoption Update and Prayer

Moose waits and dreams of the days to come. He dreams of  Toddlers roaming the house with sweet sticky fingers, food overtaken by gravity from small chubby hands and endless laughter.

Samuel concentrates on his BJJ and matures into an Godly young man more and more everyday. He is moving into adulthood by taking on more responsibility at the school and setting new goals.  God is so good to have given us such a blessing in our son.

In God's timing we wait and pray.... will you pray with us?

We felt a nudge from the Holy Ghost to update everyone on life, adoption and all things needed for prayer. The adoption is still moving forward as we wait on the approval from our State in a home study review. This is one of the hardest hurdles for me as I feel very strongly that it is one extra bit of red tape that defines the reasons children miss out on families, medical care and adoption all together. 
  I know people who have been trying to get this law changed for years but without victory as of yet. However, as I slip into the sin of discontent I must repent and say that God is unstoppable and His plans are meant for Good. Do you want proof? Check out the photo above! Miracles were happening every step of our sweet son's process. It was a mustard seed moment almost every week in his process. I declare, there is a mighty God that pursues the fatherless with a love and agenda that is way better than anything we can imagine! 

God also calls us to pray and seek him, so please..keep praying.  We really need your prayers for us as a family during this process.
With the risk of getting really personal let me ask for these prayers in priority and with humility as we really need your prayers...did I say that already? ( I love you, God loves you more.... )

Pray for our family. We are all working six days a week ( Marcos is teaching 21 classes per week mostly alone, Samuel is teaching 1 and 4 with assistance )  plus homeschooling, applying for grants and fundraising. I think our friends are wondering if we went on vacation like everyone! Do you want to hang out? Put on a uniform, we will see you in class!  We are exhausted but also being renewed by the Lord when we humble ourselves enough to ASK! Pray we will depend on God more! Pray we will obey, trust, listen and seek God as a family UNITED in God's great Love!

Pray for our Kids and Caretakers in China. We wait on updates but they are hard to come by and often at the discretion of the caretakers there. Pray for the ones loving them and taking care of them now.  Pray that FAITH in GOD will already be planted in their hearts by hearing and seeing the word of God.

Pray for China. The adoption climate is difficult now. We see countries open and close every year. Some children are stuck in the enemies political games between leaders. They languish in orphanages unable to be introduced to Jesus by the love of a family..they are Exiles. They are without a home, a legacy, a future and a hope. 

Pray for our school and business. It is amazing how the spiritual climate changes during an adoption. The captive are about to be set free. Sometimes even the things that once went smooth become very turbulent in nature. Our bread and butter needs prayer. It is the filter in which God has sustained us to pour into the lives of orphans in the past. We pray it will increase for GODLY reasons. We want to continue to use it in a manner that glorifies God.

Also...please send us your prayer needs, we want to pray for you too!!!

Thank you,
Jamie, Marcos, Samuel, Leah (Lana) and Daniel (Zee)

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  1. Jaime and (Professor) Marcos,

    I happily came across you blog by searching, "Gracie Barra and Jesus Christ." I was just interested in what the results would produce. I recently joined a GB school in Hannibal, MO under Coach Beau. I am delighted to so many people of faith in the GB family and am so glad to have such faithful leaders in GB; such as Professor Marcos and Coach Beau. I am nearing 6 months in GB and I am starting to learn who people are and what they are about.

    I was blown away when I came to the tournament that you had in April. The fact that you said a prayer before the start all of the matches was eye opening. Sadly, not many people share their faith with the world anymore. When the prayer was ended in Jesus' name, it really made me proud to be a part of GB, and a part of the tournament. I am a follower of Christ as well and I find it to be uplifting when I see others. It can be hard sometimes and it is great when God lets you know that you aren't alone, as strange as that may sound.

    The more I learn about your school, and you both as individuals, the more I believe that you and your school are blessed. Again, I am very happy to have met you both, and to have found this page. I will be praying with you!