Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Time to Travel, well locally anyway! Time for Tulips!!!

Yes ! Indeed it is time to travel...around town, to Chicago, to, wait I will mail that one! We have been collecting documents for the adoption of Lana and Zee ( Blog Names) and having them notarized, certified and soon authenticated! Thank you so much for keeping us moving in forward motion to bring them home! The mail box has been a huge source of encouragement as we have been receiving letters and gifts from our prayer team..YOU! Thank you! Just because of your prayer and gifts we are in stage two of the adoption and awaiting state approval of our home study and will be compiling the remaining documents for our Dossier!

    I will be sending extra pictures and updates as fast as we get them so you will always know what is happening! I also wanted you to know if you have joined our prayer team we will have a special private Face book group that you can join to follow our journey while in China! We want you as close to us as possible this time around and being in China we think that may just be a possibility!

 So why did I post pictures of our crazy bird? 

It is a mini fundraiser! 

To keep up with the costs of sealing and sending documents we are doing mini-fundraisers in between the larger ones.

This one is simply beautiful!

  Are you ready for Spring? Wait...if you live here, that's going to be YES!!!! So, if you would like an early Tulip grown in a tidy little recycled glass mug or in a cut away container for transplanting into a container of your own...... they are...not ready.

   However, you can reserve yours by messaging me on Face book or texting me. There are only 36, so get them while you can!

    When they pop up, I will deliver anywhere in Springfield or you can swing by the school! Men, your beautiful wives could be reading this blog at this very moment and are likely to hint about them!

They have been inspected by Thunderbird and deemed...sleeping. Hopefully my little window upstairs will drape them in sunlight and they will pop up shortly!!!

Variety one

Variety two

No birds were harmed in the making of this photo (:
 God Bless you and abundantly fill your hearts with Joy in your families and marriage! We love you and are very grateful for your prayers and incredible gifts poured out to us for Lana and Zee! May God be glorified in our hearts and lives on this journey together.

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  1. Tunder!!!!!! I love you! It's been quiet but blessed here. We are praying and anxious in a good way :-)