Saturday, March 29, 2014

He came in Second but he is our Champion son! Thank you Lord for you protection, victory and goodness!

James 1:17

New International Version (NIV)
17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time for Tulips! Place your order today!

They are awake and ready for you! Any donation greatly appreciated! Please specify a mug or plastic cut -a- way cup! Contact me via facebook, email or text!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amazing short film that really touches your heart...

Time to Trust

God is generous!

In an effort to keep everyone updated we are waiting on the...

#1 Homestudy approval by our state. ( prayer partners, please pray on this now, thank you!)
#2 Our application for our I800A, which we cant apply for until we get our #1 up there...
#3 Dossier ( big stack of official documents, including birth records, background checks, income, fingerprints...etc) to be completely stamped and sealed by our state and Chinese consulate in Chicago
( I have finished all of these except, I need to wait on #1 and #2 up there )
#4 Dossier checked by our amazing agency CCAI
#5 Dossier sent to China!
#6 Fees paid
#7 Logged in. Now in China's hands ( our spot in the line) to process and wait for...
#8 The call to travel
#9 Visas, Flights and total fees acquired and paid.
#10 Go get our God given Lana and Zee!!!!!
#11 Lots of official snuggling, getting to know you, visiting orphanages and paper work in China!
#12 Travel home and begin the journey that is adoption...Praise God!

We have 3,000.00 in gifts of partnership with approximately 42,000.00 to go..

    This is not a perfectly detailed list but I felt it may help you to see where we are in the process. More importantly, I wanted to post about the wait. Trust has been the overwhelming reminder from Christ as I enter into His word. During prayer and in worship, He keeps telling me to Trust Him. This morning, I came across this scripture while reading aloud Psalms. I am not posting these details to boast. I had to read the book of Psalms out loud to keep my mind and heart from wandering from focus on "life stuff and self" and stay focused on God's real promises and not my sinful doubts and fears!

  Psalm 40:4-5

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust,
who does not look to the proud,
 to those who turn aside to false Gods.

Many, O Lord my God,
are the wonders you have done.
 The things you planned for us
no one can recount to you;
were I to speak and tell of them,
they would be too many to declare.

God has done wonders in our lives as a family and individuals. We must pull in close and Trust him as we pray, work and even wait on many details.

To God be the Glory in every moment of this life....

With great Love and appreciation,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Time to Travel, well locally anyway! Time for Tulips!!!

Yes ! Indeed it is time to travel...around town, to Chicago, to, wait I will mail that one! We have been collecting documents for the adoption of Lana and Zee ( Blog Names) and having them notarized, certified and soon authenticated! Thank you so much for keeping us moving in forward motion to bring them home! The mail box has been a huge source of encouragement as we have been receiving letters and gifts from our prayer team..YOU! Thank you! Just because of your prayer and gifts we are in stage two of the adoption and awaiting state approval of our home study and will be compiling the remaining documents for our Dossier!

    I will be sending extra pictures and updates as fast as we get them so you will always know what is happening! I also wanted you to know if you have joined our prayer team we will have a special private Face book group that you can join to follow our journey while in China! We want you as close to us as possible this time around and being in China we think that may just be a possibility!

 So why did I post pictures of our crazy bird? 

It is a mini fundraiser! 

To keep up with the costs of sealing and sending documents we are doing mini-fundraisers in between the larger ones.

This one is simply beautiful!

  Are you ready for Spring? Wait...if you live here, that's going to be YES!!!! So, if you would like an early Tulip grown in a tidy little recycled glass mug or in a cut away container for transplanting into a container of your own...... they are...not ready.

   However, you can reserve yours by messaging me on Face book or texting me. There are only 36, so get them while you can!

    When they pop up, I will deliver anywhere in Springfield or you can swing by the school! Men, your beautiful wives could be reading this blog at this very moment and are likely to hint about them!

They have been inspected by Thunderbird and deemed...sleeping. Hopefully my little window upstairs will drape them in sunlight and they will pop up shortly!!!

Variety one

Variety two

No birds were harmed in the making of this photo (:
 God Bless you and abundantly fill your hearts with Joy in your families and marriage! We love you and are very grateful for your prayers and incredible gifts poured out to us for Lana and Zee! May God be glorified in our hearts and lives on this journey together.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time to say Thank you! Time to stay focused!

  God's word clearly reveals His mighty love for us and this has been a reality for us through many people lately. We had our first fundraiser for Zee and Lana at our school and it was awesome! The children snuggled with parents and friends, munched on freshly popped popcorn and enjoyed a really great family film! We really couldn't have asked for more! Many of our friends we have not seen over the winter came by in full support. We had time to chat and give details about the adoption that I cannot post. It was really a Blessed evening!

    I also wanted to interrupt this post for families we know that are adopting now as well. I hope and pray this encourages you.  Joy comes in those loving people who Pray, support and give during and even after the adoption process. It is very important not to get caught up in those who judge, oppress and outright condemn adoption. There is always what I call a "push back" when you  begin this journey to bring home children exiled to institutions or forever fatherless situations. I cant pinpoint any one reason why these things occur except when I search my sweet saviors words in the Bible.

  God's word says we will have trouble in this world. We need to FEAR NOT. FEAR NOT that folks may not understand the special needs of our kids. FEAR NOT, that our adoptive kids may need us longer than the raised from birth biological child. FEAR NOT, that comments about adoption will come and you will need to reply with love and education.  FEAR NOT that you will need thicker skin, greater courage and God's perfect wisdom to be an advocate for the same reasons over and over to pursue what is best for your kids.  FEAR NOT, simply because our Christ has overcome the world and get this...He loves you and all of your kiddos very much! He is for us and not against us!

   My heart breaks when I read some posts from friends on the journey of adoption right now, that have been bruised and hurt over the opposition. I am praying for you. I know how it feels. When comparing it to the greater persecution ( if I could even call it that ) it is really a widow's mite. However, during the process a little comment can have a powerful place in our hearts as adopting parents.

   Stay focused on the Love God has poured out over your family during this time, THROUGH AMAZING LOVING PEOPLE!  Listen and pray with those who are an encouragement. Run from anyone who isn't! Remember sometimes our hearts are just too sensitive and we are better off somewhere else instead of standing in the midst of the battle. Our hearts are soft now for a reason. God is preparing us to forgive greatly. When it gets rough, just pull all of your expectations into your lap and give them to Jesus. He knows exactly what to do with them.

  Thank those who are standing for the orphans and your adopting family. Thank them and love them! Tell them that what they are doing is going to change the world for many! Shower them with prayer and be attentive to the needs they are having in their families. Introduce them to the reason most of us adopt. Christ adopted us first! He died in place of our sin on the cross so that we have an inheritance. That inheritance is HEAVEN! He did not leave us as orphans either! Praise Him!

 Lastly, Thank you to so many of you that have done and been the refuge for our family! Your kindness and prayers have increased our Faith greatly and we are incredibly Blessed by you! Thank you, that with our Lord, you have lifted up our heads and sent us forward into this adoption! You are in the midst of some miraculous happenings and our God is so pleased! You have encouraged us, strengthened us and made a way for us to steady our feet in this journey. Your replies of prayer mean more to us than we can ever express! We long to be prayed for! Thank you Thank you Thank you! God Bless you in your families and all your hands seek to accomplish for God's greater Glory!

God Bless you,

Funding  Updates......

Mulenex Ebay sales (ongoing)- 1,000.00 my mom and dad sold a precious chess set to get the kids home ( : Thank you Mom and Dad

Family Movie night (event ended 2/28/14) -  800.00
Our Gracie Barra Family came out in droves to help us! You are all a huge Blessing!

Prayer and support letters so far (ongoing)- 700.00
We send these out weekly to ask for prayer and support and are hoping for a group of 376 people to pray and equip us to get Lana and Zee home and continue holding us in prayer during adjustment and homecoming!

Total raised 2/28/14

Thank you!

Fundraisers to come are still...

Waiting on a few documents to turn in our matching grant application through Life Song for Orphans

Both hands project....working on a local widows house while raising funds...

A 5K run...

Possible silent auction

Possible Tournament at Gracie Barra.....