Friday, April 12, 2013

God wants to give you MORE

       Sorry for the delay in posting. There has been an abundance of enjoying the moment that has kept me away from blogging! God is generous and we are ever humbled by His outpouring of LOVE and Faithfulness on this journey.

  So much is happening around here its difficult to write! My sweet beloved is being set apart by the Lord to lead Samuel into young man hood and it is on my mind even now as I type. They are somewhere reading a book and enjoying time together most likely surrounded by food, God's word and some coffee. I am reminded once more that God's Mercy upon me is always abundant.

  I always dreamed of a husband that would pour out the scriptures over our children. Some of you may know that I was previously married. Unequally yoked despite the wise counsel of Godly parents and pastors. I disobeyed and despite years of hoping and praying the marriage ended. The devil lied to me and said as a divorced woman with many bad choices I was not fit to be given a Christian husband. I was worthless and not supposed to seek God's will in adoption and family. I had failed and that was the end of a legacy I had so hoped for.  I am still haunted in dreams that I'm seeking out this dream and cant find it. Then I wake up and find my Father in heaven has already answered, provided and given me the desire of my heart. To God be all the Glory.

      This past weekend Marcos and I attended the family life WEEKEND TO REMEMBER MARRIAGE CONFERENCE. It was our second time attending in five years. We struggled with the money to attend and trusting that our kiddo would have Godly people to guide through his days away from his parents. Once again God did what He always does and provided at every turn. WOW! I love my savior and friend! The speakers delighted us with true to life stories about marriage and family. They set us apart to be strengthened and renewed! Marcos and I even renewed our wedding vows! It was a joy filled time to be together and really dig deeper into where our own selfishness can easily destroy the oneness God has planned for our marriage. The speakers had dealt and conquered some really tough issues in their marriages and families. Some experienced the tragic death of a child, infertility, cancer and even kidnapping and rape. Knowing God brought them through and restored such destruction and heart ache was a great encouragement to Marcos and I and over three hundred people in attendance. What a mighty God we serve!

      So, don't give up. If your reading this and you are struggling today with any aspect of parenting or marriage, please know that God is on your side. God loves you and always wants to Bless you with.....well...MORE! More of Him!

All the boys in the Family at Easter!


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  1. Love, love, love the family photo at the top. You three are GORGEOUS together! God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you a family! We love and miss you!
    Denise for the tribe