Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progress of a Puppy

I dont eat the walls anymore.

I have stopped eating dryer sheets.

I am afraid of Hot Sauce, so please stop putting it near the crock Pot full of chicken.

I no longer try to get out of the gate at all. Im not even interested so just take the trash out.

I can stare at squirells without barking, most days.

I sleep in my crate with the door open during Family movie nights and game nights.

I ride in the car and now cruz without trying to jump out the half cracked window.

I dont jump on you every morning you come down the stairs.

I now help you clean the floor by providing drool after drinking from my bowl.

I no longer throw up everytime I eat and drink, like I did for a year.

I give you my plastic newspaper.

I dont eat my toys if they squeak.

I stay outside if its warm and nap in the sun.

I love my boy now and we play.

I like when my boy hugs me.

I sit.

I play dead.

Im getting even better at making you laugh every single day.

I sit.

I play dead.

I kiss you when your working on something important.

I would say that is great progress for two years old!

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  1. So funny! Thanks for the laugh! Love the last photo!