Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Open Adoption

   Writing this post could open up a big can of worms, rub some folks the wrong way or just make ya wanna pull your hair out! However risking my own super comfortable situation is a must when Christ being glorified once more through our adoption is possible. So with prayer and trepidation I post. When pursuing International adoption there are so many risks. Some of those include financial, medical  and even social. I think Marcos and I both consider it a pure honor to parent our Samuel and even in the almost two years we have had this honor, my heart beams to our great God for giving us a Blessing in our son. Then I remember ever so clearly that with this authority given to us by God through adoption, We must share him. Were easy going to share him with family and guide him in friendships but how do we share him with those who may have hurt him?

   Without full disclosure for respect and maintain a purely Glorifying to God motivated post, we have been given such an opportunity. We have had it since the beginning of the adoption and even when we knew the risk emotionally we just held on tight to Jesus and prayed during each situation.

   Through this we have seen a young man willing to pour out love on people who were not deserving. We have witnessed forgiveness on one end with no expectations. How could we have ever taught him this? We have listened to joy and heard laughter. We have heard Faith being shared and even answered prayers for addiction and health. We have watched God grow our little boy into a young man through the most powerful of Christ's gifts..unconditional LOVE!

God did this. Not us.

Fear and selfishness can consume me as an adoptive mom. Even modern psychology could list the reasons why open adoptions can harm or help adoptees. None of those things matter when the Holy Spirit simply whispers to Marcos and I that a whole family believing in Christ is way better than just one!

  Is sharing difficult...yes. Fearing that we wont be number one and Samuel will not love us more is awful. Then we are called back to God's word. LOVE IS NOT JEALOUS.

 So, we press on in hope that God's great promise stands true. We lean on Christ to change us everyday to be more like him in this adoption journey.

May God be glorified. He answers our prayers with awesome DEEDS!

 grateful Mom

Samuel's scuba 16!

The Birthday crew 

Samuel asked me if everyone who was at the airport when he came home could come to his little party. We did our best! Here he is with his dad and friend Jun-Jun

Ryan made him a very funny card!

Even Ado braved the scuba session with fins and a mask!

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