Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our ceiling, his floor

   Being new parents of a teen in today's world can be tough. I am in constant prayer lately trying to catch my breath at the amount of temptation and well, yucky stuff the world and the evil one can expose or confront our family with. It can certainly make a heart heavy. I'm grateful my God knows exactly what we go through daily and has equipped us with His word to extinguish these down right annoying flaming arrows of the enemy!

   I am also grateful for the few friends I share fellowship and faith with through the Holy Spirit! What in the world would I do without those precious ones! You know who you are!

   Here is a blog of Thank YOU for teaching your kiddos in my young man's sphere of influence about Christ and the GOOD stuff! Thank you for correcting our son gently and requiring manners and respect. Thank you for teaching your little girls to be modest in their clothes and not chase our son like yesterdays snickers bar! Oh dear im being transparent! Oh and Thank You for expecting and telling our son to treat your daugters with respect and honor!

    Thank You for praying over your kiddos and for mine as he navigates these tumultuous waters! Thank you for mentoring and teaching him to a higher standard then the great compromises of our day. Thank you for filling up your kids with JESUS instead of everything else that never ever satisfies. You are a treasure and a light to us! Your children bring peace to my soul when I hear of all the character God is building within them! When our son fellowships among you its like a cool drink of water on a hot day!

    I am encouraged when your kids they take the plunge to trust Jesus with their whole life and in prayer when they are still unsure or stumbling like we all do. In this prayer I know and I hope you know that you are never alone.

   Keep up the good fight! I am so very grateful for you! Grateful that Christ is first in your family and even when the world does not care if kids go one way or another, you put on the full armor and simply STAND.

 May God's great mercy and Grace encourage you today as you raise them in the way in which they should go! To God be every ounce of Glory!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Samuel's projects in Home School and beyond!

    We had snow this week so of course that was fun! God be praised! He answers our prayers with awesome deeds!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An underwater post!

  I wanted to post these for our dear friends who came to Samuel's Scuba 16! I hope you post these and enjoy! Thank You for being apart of the celebration! You truly are a Blessing from the Lord in Samuel's life! We love you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progress of a Puppy

I dont eat the walls anymore.

I have stopped eating dryer sheets.

I am afraid of Hot Sauce, so please stop putting it near the crock Pot full of chicken.

I no longer try to get out of the gate at all. Im not even interested so just take the trash out.

I can stare at squirells without barking, most days.

I sleep in my crate with the door open during Family movie nights and game nights.

I ride in the car and now cruz without trying to jump out the half cracked window.

I dont jump on you every morning you come down the stairs.

I now help you clean the floor by providing drool after drinking from my bowl.

I no longer throw up everytime I eat and drink, like I did for a year.

I give you my plastic newspaper.

I dont eat my toys if they squeak.

I stay outside if its warm and nap in the sun.

I love my boy now and we play.

I like when my boy hugs me.

I sit.

I play dead.

Im getting even better at making you laugh every single day.

I sit.

I play dead.

I kiss you when your working on something important.

I would say that is great progress for two years old!