Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Purity revisited

  The photo above is of my nephew Nick. He was the first born grand child out of my two sisters and I. He was the first baby in our family. My first ever baby to really hold and cuddle. I was the youngest, so holding babies was not a common experience for me. We spent more time together this Christmas just soaking up God's word and talking about our great Creator more than we ever had. What a wonderful young man my nephew is becoming. Tears well up as I also realize God pressing on Nick's heart to pursue Purity. Yes, his parents have been guiding him and praying for him. Surely, my parents have also loved him into the family of God as the Grand Parents and spiritual leaders we so admire but its more than these beautiful GIFTS that make me tear up with Thankfulness to my Great God!

   You see, Samuel is also pursuing purity. Hoping and praying for his wife to choose Christ's plan and passion promised freedom in waiting. Also, depending on the Holy Spirit to guide him and help him with temptation in all areas of relationships. Up until Christmas, Samuel felt alone in this pursuit. As a newcomer to Faith and all of God's promises, Samuel does not have any siblings yet and only one mentor besides his papa who he can talk to about this journey. Now...he has NICK!

   I am so grateful that God says iron does sharpen iron. I am so grateful that there is yet another young man that will see the freedom and eternal gift of pursuing God's plan for marriage. A union prayed for and a husband to be unharmed with broken hearted relationships or encounters with various woman. A young man prayed up and restored to be a father and leader. THESE ARE REAL POSSIBILITIES FRIENDS! Just take a look at many other young people trusting God in the area of a FOREVER spouse...Sweet Courtship

     I am so grateful that the necklace Nick wears is only a physical reminder and that Nick carries God with him in his heart everywhere he goes. I am grateful Nick has Christ  and now Samuel has a cousin who can come along side and encourage him.

I am grateful for the awakening in our family to ask God for strength in raising our kids to a higher standard.. God's and not ours! I am humbled that God showed us where we were great sinners in depending on our own knowledge and not His word in the Bible for marriage and purity. May God give us strength to seek him, our kids the wisdom and passion to follow Him and a desire for purity as they approach any relationship.

 God truly is good and does good. Thank you Jesus!

    Thank You Nick!

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