Monday, December 2, 2013

Be joyful always..... Never stop Praying.....

   These were the words God spoke gently to me this Thanksgiving. They may not be profound or incredibly deep in some ways but to me they are. God is so kind, so loving and so sweet to a sinner like me. Even when I feel I am in a pit or striving to achieve righteousness, He swoops me up in His BIG arms and whispers to me..." Be still and know that I am God. "

  There are many moments to be thankful for this season. I'm most thankful that God loves me. I can rest in his pool of grace, swim in his infinite love and be joyful always. My Father has done for me a finished work. I can rest in His embrace, His approval, His kindness. I am overwhelmed by His love for me and how thankful I am for His forgiveness.

  In knowing His great love, I must tell someone! I want to tell them everyday and show them this Love as best I can! I want to introduce them to the King of Kings that came as a baby to save us all! I want to swoop up someone in my arms and love them intensely and show them how a great Lord loves them!

  So, we are adopting.....again! We enter into the journey of adoption again to introduce the orphan to the Father that adopted us all!  China will be the country, a little girl or boy will be welcomed in once again to give us the humble honor to parent, love and raise as an arrow in her fathers quiver for God's Glory!

   Please pray for us as we approach the Lord again to seek and save the lost, to be selfless, to listen to Him, to draw courage from Christ as we journey into the unknown. Pray we will give love unconditionally and begin preparing our hearts to be the parents that honor the Lord in every way. We need wisdom too! Not the wisdom of the world but that given by our mighty God! We are honored for the confirmations from the Lord in the country, age range and more specifics we hope to share at a later date.


    I want to post a photo of the very sweet ones who planted the seeds of adoption alongside  and through my sweet Jesus all those years ago in China. They were the foundlings. The cast aside little ones with imperfections that led to abandonment. Twelve years later, hearts have changed in a country deeply engraved in my heart. Now...they are PRECIOUS! They are among the first adopted. They are CHOSEN. My heart sings to my sweet Lord who heard me crying everyday for eight years over these little ones. God listens. God answers prayers.

Taken actually the first time we met . Prayers began. God answered every single prayer for her down to each detail. 

Standing next to the very sweet sister I asked God for on her behalf. I met them both in completely different institutions before they were paired up in a family! China is not small. There are no coincidences. 

Despite hard times. The three in the front were reunited as a family. They were given parents that loved them dearly and..the Lord.  They were taught English, God's word, given medical care and so much more!

There were Prayers to correct her feet and that she would someday dance!

Prayers answered!! My God is great! When I worship, many times I start to praise him in gratefulness and I see this replay in my mind! The day I walked in to see this play they did there were four answers to specific prayers I had asked God for! The dancing part almost brought me to my knees! God does miracles! 

   May God's love surround you, encourage you with divine strength,wisdom and truth. I so love what He is doing in the lives of these once forgotten orphans......and..the one waiting to be in our family....Oh Praise Him!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Joy!

I just wanted to post some sweet family moments. God is very generous to give us such an incredible loving family! Thank You Dad for visiting! We love you so much!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


    I have an itch that I cant seem to satisfy lately. I have tried, oh believe me, I have tried. Its the International itch. It is more than that actually, it is the radical travel the world preach Jesus save orphans and worship ...fever. It is not even winter so I know this is not a mood. I have repented from discontentment and laid it upon the alter of my great God. I have sermonized myself away from achieving or aiming at Work's to please God or fill my soul. I have prayed over and over. I have repented and prayed again about being impatient or impulsive. I have submitted to my season at home as a married woman raising up an arrow for the Lord.

    Despite all this..I am still itching. My fever grows steadily worse as the world plunges into wars and rumors of wars. Children are sold daily and I see their faces in dreams and hear their cries at local centers. I counsel woman leaning and stretching to hear the Holy Spirit over the sarcastic mocking voice of the enemy screaming into the lives of the daughters of Christ I am privileged to sit next to. I just long to do more. To cast off the world's offerings and plunge into my Father's arms and plead, " what can I do for you daddy?" I want to do more. I stare into the evil deceiving face of lack even in our own family. I filter judgemental remarks even from believers when I pledge my life to serving Christ by being a mom of ten. I fail daily to be compassionate to the people in my very own family and suffer to guard my heart against frustrations that are simply every day American living. Lately even bottled water can send me into a spin and prayer that could result in locking myself in a room and just worshiping God. Why do I get clean water? What made me so special that I can gulp it down like a fish and toss it in my trash that quickly and neatly disappears as requested by my trash man? I told you I have a fever!

   So, pray for me that in this fever, I see clarity from my precious savior who is never ever confusing. Pray for me to seek the Lord and not struggle with this ...fever to serve by reading and meditating on His Holy words in the Bible. Pray for me to seek understanding regarding this fire he has kindled and where to take this passion. Pray the enemy is defeated instead of my confidence. I know this is from the Lord but am easily distracted by everyday demands and service. Thank you! May God be Praised!

1 Corinthians 13:8

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer on speed dial!

Hello friends and family!
  Summer kinda caught us up in a whirl and we just came back from many an adventure...GOD BE PRAISED! Samuel, Marcos and I are truly Blessed by a loving, generous and gracious God that truly gives us way more than we deserve! I hope you enjoy the SUMMER update via pictures and captions!

The Summer Garden at our home..

God gives us abundance and beauty

Marcos becomes an American Citizen! Dima is pinned with his Father's flag which is also his through Adoption!

Samuel and the whole Barros side meet up in Florida! Samuel meets his smallest cousins and gets to tour Universal Studios!

Many Home School Summer projects and lawn mowing adventures to raise funds for Summer camp in NC! Samuel made me a beautiful Gardening Table from an old broken grill!

Mom and Dad said see you later to our lovable Tink! They then introduced us to the new member of the Mulenex family...Joey!

Water fights turned into baptisms! Seriously, on the very same day Samuel's friend Ryan was baptized in our bath tub after accepting Christ! He has been in his Bible since, soaking up all God has for his new walk in life! What else could be done when a sincere young man says, " Well, can I be baptised right now?" "Yes!"

This was by far one of the biggest blessings of our summer! To see a young man surrender his life to Jesus with zeal and hunger! Praise be to God for just including us in this miracle!

Lots of Blue Bunny ice cream from our Little Champions at Gracie Barra!

Also for the first time ever with a year of prayer, much anticipation and heavy dependence on Christ..Samuel spent twelve days without us..over night for the first time since adoption.. in North Carolina at Ridcrest camp for boys! Of course we had a great encouragement in the fact that nephew was along side him and even in the same cabin! Its safe to say...they had a great time enjoying......God.

Nick even had a few days before and after camp to feel the HISTORY of Springfield! He loves God so much and was such a joy! We had so much fun talking about creation science and I loved making jokes and being silly with him. He is so much like my sister in many ways and just cracks me up. He is also seeking purity in relationships and was a beautiful witness to Samuel as a seasoned believer brought up and discipled in God's word. My sister Emily and her beloved Alan have really began an incredible work in his life that I am sure God will complete! I love my Nick! Thank you Jesus!

So without further are some great shots of our time together including Springfield and camp and traveling there!

Okay so here is Abe Lincoln and ...Mrs. Lincoln. I was looking really nervous because Mr. Lincoln just scolded me in character that it was.."Mrs Lincoln, thank you!" You see, I asked for a picture with him and Mary Todd! I was afraid of the beloved President!!!

Nick in Mr. Lincoln's bed room

travel weary...giddy...

check in and arrival at camp.....

before I left...hoping Nick can handle his cousins energy ..praying (lol)

My first spy shot via the camps website! It was such a HUGE Blessing to see both boys smiling and having fun!!

Samuels favorite past time at camp....swimming and getting to know the leaders!

Yes...these were the manly God fearing and might I say Goofy leaders!

Samuel had some influence on the teams chosen country for olympics!!

Samuel also had a chance to tour the emergency care four days before camp ended...he climbed out of the lake ..not using the ladder..lesson learned! Four stitches later...

 He also had the chance to meet my closest cousin Ricky and his second cousins and cousin Anne! I loved this added Blessing!!!!God is so good!

It was so good to have them back and I am so grateful for the chance they had to be in the midst of the very mountains where God captured my heart and I was saved from sin and death by Jesus!

And the most recent Summer project that has been a work in progress for almost a year..a new place to call home..our new Gracie Barra Springfield...

We are so Blessed by our students!

Coach Gerrad with Samuel and Ryan training at open mat practice....a dream come true..its all yours God!

There were also visits by dear friends that had me oh so very captivated I never even took out a camera! I hope next time I wont be so forgetfull! 

God Bless the remaining warm days of Summer! Oh and I hope your kiddos enjoy school as much as we do!

My two students at The Barros Academy...a smart and talented Samuel and an overgrown puppy not so ready for summer to end and lots of reading to begin for our high schooler!