Friday, August 31, 2012

Passport To Purity

   They are off! 

   We need your prayers! This Labor Day Marcos and Samuel will be side by side seeking something most have forgotten, ignored and ridiculed. 

The treasure of Purity. 

In God's word He asks us to treasure it, seek it out and pursue it! To flee from the traps and lusts of our youth! Marcos and I have been praying and preparing for this weekend since we met our kiddo...soon to be a young man. Why, you may ask? Well, we have several reasons and by listing them we hope to convince and TEMPT you with the idea of taking your kids aside and guiding them into a decision for sexual purity too.

The first is to honor the one who purified us from sin. God gave us Samuel. Despite our mistakes or regrets in any experience in our own lives, why not reach higher and show Samuel the BEST God has for him.

The second is better explained in photo form....

The second is because there are others. Samuel is not alone in this fight to stay Pure.

Many of my friends that I love have girls who are praying, hoping and looking to the future with hopes to marry a man not suffocated by previous sexual relationships or encounters. These beautiful girls pray for their husbands daily and commit themselves to purity as best they can. How can we ignore all of their dreams? To be even more can we destroy their dreams of family and children? Yes, many young men with even just one sexual encounter are carriers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases that destroy a woman's womb and the ability to have children. Our kids are in great danger despite the mirage of safe casual sex displayed through social media etc. There are no methods to protect them from these diseases at all except to wait and pray thay marry another who waited for them too.
Do your research. 

We love these girls, their dreams of living a full life, having a family and a husband who clearly sees them as a treasure from the Lord not just another girlfriend or one night stand to pass on what others did not choose.

We are not alone either. There are many families teaching, praying and guiding their children and young men and woman into a life of purity. Revealing God's gift of sex for marriage and family without shame or embarrassment. We are not weird or ridiculous. We are warriors pushing against the ideas of society and media that portrays sex as a money making, manipulative, worthless act. We are praying for our young men and woman to travel the narrow path that leads to Life and not death, sadness and heartache.

It may be a difficult path with many temptations and they may stumble a bit but many things that are priceless do not come easy or without work. 

There are also those who " made it! " Yes, they waited for the woman that God sent their way! They pursued her with a pure heart and mind so the wedding day Bride was worthy of her white dress and the thoughts that filled their wedding night were purely on each other. You may know one or two who fought the good fight...guess what....I have been to FOUR weddings in the last six years where they found their beloved and kept their promises!!!! God is FAITHFUL..just open your eyes!

Therese Miller and Lauren LaPlante Photography

This is Anna and Aeron!

The final reason to tell Samuel about God's design for sex. Well, here is one more photo for you.

     I spend every Thursday sweeping up pieces of brokenness at LIFETIME Pregnancy help center. 

Most of the time those pieces are from shattered hearts of abortion, rape and purity lost. God can repair all of that and he does ..minute by minute. 

Our son has a chance to be the one going after his future without these things. He has a God who loves him and a courageous earthly father who will tell him the truth about sex and God's gifts of family this weekend. 
Please pray for them and for the reasons above...tell your young ones too. God will go before you, guide you and Bless your legacy for your children...all we need to do is Obey.