Sunday, August 19, 2012

Loving to die

     There is  a struggle that I fight daily as a new mom. Its the struggle of self. Its the struggle of gaining recognition, gratefulness and respect. Some days my place at the foot of the cross is found early. Other days I am on a high hill with my back turned on humility and servant hood.

   I do know this. If I die early and accept that my place in my family is one of servant hood and humility everything changes. If I do it with the Lord as my Shepard and rest in the shadow of His wings, not only am I safe but I am truly happy.

    God has been placing Psalm 91 on my heart often. While we know change is coming and our hearts yearn to adopt we must be patient. While selfishness can rear its ugly head in my own life daily, I find it almost comical that even in that moment I think to myself...Please Lord if you are willing...give Marcos, Samuel and I a big family. Please God let us be the vessels to rescue kiddos from a life without your love in a family and please oh please Lord change me to have the honor to adopt these kids the way you have adopted all of us!

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  1. Praying for you, dear Jamie! Perhaps this article would bless you: