Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Texas part two with explanation

 We went to Texas. Just kidding, I can explain more than that! Dima and I traveled this June to Texas for a Youth camp with our Church teens and to visit my dear friend Kara! While the camp in and of itself as well as the events that took place are less worth mentioning than our adventure at Kara's ranch, I would do this post an injustice and skip a huge portion of what God did accomplish and has yet to mature in our new family. ..if I skip it! It, meaning camp. Wow, thats a run on sentence. Thats okay we are on a mini break from Homeschool! I may even mispell something here shortly!

    Camp was well...stressfull. Imagine if you will that your sweet kid gets intermingled with several other sweet kids but drama and sin unfold and hormones and It was character revealing for all including yours truly. However, God did some amazing things in our lives there even in the midst of the struggle. We found out we are not alone or short of mentors and God loving "peeps" that abound to your rescue when you feel simply LOST as a new parent! We were surrounded by prayer and soothed by peace from parents who had been in our shoes. What a huge Blessing from such amazing people. 

You know who you are. 

Restored, Rested and Blessed to be home.

Now for the funny pictures/ video and laughter to make you Glorify our creator God who has such a beautiful ability to make us giggle until we hurt, laugh until we cry and chukkle (see I cant spell that!)

Mr. Emmit on the Ranch!

Youth Camp!

News that the HOT DOGS are finished!

Water? Windmill? What?

I can throw you in!

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