Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Year Home Party Pictures!

Thanks be to God for a wonderful time at our one year home Family Celebration. So many families were there to congratulate Samuel on his one year anniversary! It was incredible to see the joy and love in fellowship! I was surely excited to see a very special guest arrive! Becky and her whole family caught me by such surprise that I wanted to cry, jump, laugh and shout all at the same time! What an amazing surprise! Becky's blog and plight for the Russian children is what encountered my heart to travel to Russia. I never knew God would have our son waiting for us there. Thanks to Becky in our life and the heart God placed inside her...we are a family! 

Enjoy the photos and saturate yourself in the evidence of our Faithful, loving, powerful and miraculous Jesus who makes all things beautiful in His time! Especially ADOPTION!

Due to Samuel's injury he was forced to sit down for donut duty!

Samuel didnt seem to mind too much!

Our guest of honor!!! Thank you Becky and family!

The pool was a hit with our smallest guests!

The diving board was fun to try!

Even our newsest swimmers seem to celebrate the day with  JOY!

And even our first and oldest friends showed up to celebrate!
Thank You Miss Kendall and Shultz family!

This is when Samuel told Kendall we would post these on the family blog!

Nice Pizza face Leah!!

Samuel's new found weightlessness with his splint on in the water
was too tempting to wrestle with Caleb!

Liam made his way around the pool just fine!

This is the before picture. All preceeding photos of
Samuel and his uncle Beto are a BLURR!

What a joy filled day!

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