Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Year Home Party Pictures!

Thanks be to God for a wonderful time at our one year home Family Celebration. So many families were there to congratulate Samuel on his one year anniversary! It was incredible to see the joy and love in fellowship! I was surely excited to see a very special guest arrive! Becky and her whole family caught me by such surprise that I wanted to cry, jump, laugh and shout all at the same time! What an amazing surprise! Becky's blog and plight for the Russian children is what encountered my heart to travel to Russia. I never knew God would have our son waiting for us there. Thanks to Becky in our life and the heart God placed inside her...we are a family! 

Enjoy the photos and saturate yourself in the evidence of our Faithful, loving, powerful and miraculous Jesus who makes all things beautiful in His time! Especially ADOPTION!

Due to Samuel's injury he was forced to sit down for donut duty!

Samuel didnt seem to mind too much!

Our guest of honor!!! Thank you Becky and family!

The pool was a hit with our smallest guests!

The diving board was fun to try!

Even our newsest swimmers seem to celebrate the day with  JOY!

And even our first and oldest friends showed up to celebrate!
Thank You Miss Kendall and Shultz family!

This is when Samuel told Kendall we would post these on the family blog!

Nice Pizza face Leah!!

Samuel's new found weightlessness with his splint on in the water
was too tempting to wrestle with Caleb!

Liam made his way around the pool just fine!

This is the before picture. All preceeding photos of
Samuel and his uncle Beto are a BLURR!

What a joy filled day!

Family visits!

  My sister stopped in with her whole crew for an overnight visit! It was an awesome time of fellowship, fun and togetherness! Standing back taking pictures in Samuel's room and seeing him surrounded by cousins really spoke to my heart. God is faithful in our dreams and we look forward to seeing HIS handiwork in the coming years!

hanging out in Samuel's room!

looking at some memories

Dad delivering snacks and Emily excited about that!

All together!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dissapointment and Trust

 Hello everyone. 

Romans 8:28 says  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

 This was the verse Samuel and I read as we did devotions together Wednesday morning. On Wednesday night at Church playing capture the flag, Samuel sprang his ankle. No big deal to any kid maybe. However, Samuel had been training for a triathalon for four months and his one year pool party was the following Friday. Yes, there has been some disasapointment. 

    His ankle is in a splint and has ten days to be iced and looked after with a command from the doctor to not participate in sports for two weeks. So, please pray for our kiddo who today may sulk as he dreams of riding his bike, running and swimming in the tri. Please pray for God's great joy and peace that passes understanding. Also ask God to help Samuel Trust God in this sitiation. Thank You family for standing beside us in our adoption, going before our God in heaven and interceeding in prayer. We love you!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I would love to take my whole family to India this winter....

Just love this

You were in before you were out, you were found before you 

were lost, you were fixed before you were broken, you were 

lifted before you fell, you were home before you started.

These were words spoken to me today in the midst of deep prayer and reflection of how dying to self and parenting with God's Glory in mind reaks havok on a selfish soul of my own. What beauty is beheld in the heart of our creator when he directs this sinner (me) into His perfect love. 

To God be the Glory. Change my heart oh God make it ever true..change my heart oh God may it be like you.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A Family Celebration!
Friday Night July 27th
7-9 PM
Pool and  Potluck Party @  Taylorville Manor Pool! We have rented it out just for us to celebrate! There are little kids areas with two slides and two big diving boards for our bigger kids!  

  Please bring along your family and their favorite dish to share! Don’t forget to write down the recipe or special memory on a card and bring it with you to the party!

Address (closest) to the Party!
100 West Market Street Taylorville Il 62568 ( for your garmin or tomtom)
 The Park is past the square. Take a right at Dukes Office supply (address) once there..Stay on south Main go over the tracks and through the arch. It says Manors Park arch. Inside Manors park at the end of South Main Street is the big pool complex! Follow signs for Family celebration! Call if you get lost!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Texas part two with explanation

 We went to Texas. Just kidding, I can explain more than that! Dima and I traveled this June to Texas for a Youth camp with our Church teens and to visit my dear friend Kara! While the camp in and of itself as well as the events that took place are less worth mentioning than our adventure at Kara's ranch, I would do this post an injustice and skip a huge portion of what God did accomplish and has yet to mature in our new family. ..if I skip it! It, meaning camp. Wow, thats a run on sentence. Thats okay we are on a mini break from Homeschool! I may even mispell something here shortly!

    Camp was well...stressfull. Imagine if you will that your sweet kid gets intermingled with several other sweet kids but drama and sin unfold and hormones and It was character revealing for all including yours truly. However, God did some amazing things in our lives there even in the midst of the struggle. We found out we are not alone or short of mentors and God loving "peeps" that abound to your rescue when you feel simply LOST as a new parent! We were surrounded by prayer and soothed by peace from parents who had been in our shoes. What a huge Blessing from such amazing people. 

You know who you are. 

Restored, Rested and Blessed to be home.

Now for the funny pictures/ video and laughter to make you Glorify our creator God who has such a beautiful ability to make us giggle until we hurt, laugh until we cry and chukkle (see I cant spell that!)

Mr. Emmit on the Ranch!

Youth Camp!

News that the HOT DOGS are finished!

Water? Windmill? What?

I can throw you in!