Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to be a Seer

Samuel at the recent GBS Tournament

Samuel and I in Moscow

Surounded in China by Special needs foundlings

The four who stole my heart forever.

Hello Everyone. I will attempt to put to this Blog Post something I wanted to write about last week but of  course got sidetracked. In Church our Pastor talked about being a Seer. I wasn't sure I understood clearly before I blog more about this let me say All Glory to God for what I'm about to write. 

I am spoiled. Not like a cucumber left in the vegetable drawer in the fridge. I am Blessed beyond measure and worst of all I often forget. God has done so much for me and through me in my meager years that I cant believe it sometimes! I look back at photographs and it is almost like I am lost in His love for me and what He has done. What an incredible God we serve. He does such incredible things!!!

Recently Marcos, Samuel and I have been praying two big prayers for FIVE kids without families. One in the USA and four in Russia. God answered  so sweetly when we discovered dear friends would soon adopt the four in Russia! Not only will they be adopted but we will get to embrace them and be in their lives!! How sweet! Also, our dear friend has been selflessly parenting her Foster child for more than five years with a sided judge who left her in lingo and just today we found out...OUR SWEET DAL+++ will be adopted!!!  

Praise God for the beautiful Victories and Answered prayers! What shall we pray for next?? 

I can seer it now!!

 The Barros Family!!

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