Friday, May 11, 2012

Evolution of a miracle

 Sometimes I feel the need to go backwards. Im not sure if its my own voice or the voice of my redeemer but without pause I begin to reflect and immerse myself in God's miracles and what he has done. Maybe it is simply so I can go forward without fear into the next step of Faith on this journey. So, below I would like to share with you the evolution of a eleven year journey....eight years of prayers and the beauty in which they were answered and unfolded by our great King of Heaven.

      I prayed to serve in Missions and sat in an office shuffling through photos while being part time Administrator to COMMIT Ministries, a short term team mobilizing organization. The waves of the North side of Waininae, Hawaii outside my window and a sadness that consumed me. I saw a photo of a little girl with pig tails, crooked feet and terrified eyes. I read the description of her abandonment and knew as the Holy Spirit pulled on my heart to MOVE.  There were more photos but hers stood out and pressed into my prayer life with overwhelming urgency. I left for China shortly after armed with a clear calling to adopt, rescue or tell her God really loves her. I was too young to qualify. My marraige length was too short by adoption law but that would not stop me from loving her and praying for her....forever

   Here is what I prayed for...adoption by me or a family that would show her the Love of Christ daily and strengthen her, an education despite her dissability and incontinence that made schooling a No in her region, the chance to learn English so she would be considered overqualified and able to work in her future, healing in her crooked legs before paralyzation set in and hope was lost, to remain unseperated from her friends in the orphanage and God to protect her from the every day infection and sores that dug deep into her bones and the experiamental surgeries leaving her scarred would  be over and a qualified miracle surgeon would take on this older, abandonned, "unadoptable" orphan.

    I also said a prayer that still brings me to tears. I asked God to let me see her dance. What a ridiculous impossible prayer. 

Here are some of the answers in Picture form...Oh God you are so wonderful!

xrays of her feet

one miraculous doctor, three days operation schedule in China and he chose her to be one of his few patients

Hollly..her English teacher and Missionary

recovering from surgery

standing with her mom who loves her,prays for her and beams with pride over her

running with her class mates

getting incredible therapy and thriving

yup...shes DANCING and lets not forget with who..thats Max. He was brought to live in her new family because he was one of her friends from the Orphanage.


Prayer moves Mountains and ladies and Gentlemen..our God is a mountain mover!!!

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