Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts on Tuesday

Somewhere between sleep and awake this morning I began to read about the Queen of Sheeba in Chronicles.  The Queen was amazed by King Solomen's wisdom and all she had heard about his great wealth. So impressed was she that it records a gift from her to the King of nine thousand pounds of gold. Im hoping as you read this blog daily you will be impressed with wisdom and...just kidding!

 Here are the marvelous pieces of wisdom, pondered thoughts, wonders and silliness God has arranged to whisper into my heart this Tuesday, complete with pictures! God is so wonderful!

God puts the lonely in families. 

If being considered good " Parenz " after seven months of just loving an older child with all God has given us..why are there so many orphans still not adopted?

Why has our lawn mower lasted ten years and two without any oil?

Will Marcos ever let Samuel have a rodent in the house?

If you kiss a fish and throw it back does it really get bigger ?

Why can't tulips bloom all year?

In Creation Science I have hope that the Pug Wrinkle cream ( stuff inside ) could be used for something besides making me cringe.  

I never knew adoption could be so wonderful. Thank you God.

We love you guys. God Bless you.

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