Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Mom's quick post with great variety!


Today Samuel and I rode 15 miles around Springfield on what I have now deemed the Adventure Series! We are training for a Triathalon on April 21st but really just enjoying the SPRING!!!!!! So, for the glorious Creator who did by the way send the beautiful Spring Azure Butterfly my way this AM...THANKYOU for the Blessings of a beautiful day! God so in love with you!

sweet ride...spokes by Samuel!

I laugh in the face of danger! I also laugh  that I can eat the couch and my mom still calls me a good dog!
Samuel and I stopped into Sonic for a cherry lime ade! We  figured a little sugar would'nt hurt!

The dog..the couch...the exhaustion!

Samuel's favorite cat! 

Really Moose...just relax.

This is how Moose keeps security.

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