Saturday, March 31, 2012

Being a single parent

Well as some of you may know Marcos, AKA "Dad" went to Korea for two weeks  and we  survived! Your prayers were like gold flakes from our creator that shimmer and catch just the right light to adjust our hearts, attitudes and minds while our loved one was away from our little family here. 

  Thank you.
Marcos teaching the younger students in Korea!
This little girl sang Jesus Loves me to Marcos! He could feel God refreshing his fatigued spirit through this little one!
The team in Korea!

He is home now! We celebrate once again the awesome power and love that God brings to our family in the means and ability to serve! The photo above is a dear friends son that we love and pray for. Marcos had a chance to spend time and Bless those closest to us in Korea.

    God's unfailing Mercy and Peace  surrounded my heart every morning as I prepared for the day in tears, fear, anxiety and restlessness. I emerged from my prayer cacoon a new person ready to be what my mighty God had called me to be..a Mom.  Yes I missed my beloved but when God calls, every person in this family with purpose must answer. I am so proud of my beloved for answering the call.

There were some difficult days. The most was hearing sad news at the pregnancy Center where I volunteer. We lost our first baby not to abortion but death. So with heavy hearts we all leaned in to pray for the mom of only two months. The tragedy hit the center of the family that run the Pregnancy Center as they lost a family member too. Shortly thereafter I answered the phone to hear my son would return home early from a play date as his dear friend had just lost his grandma suddenly as well. Before the day ended a stranger called to tell me a retired student had also passed and gone on to be with the Lord. It was a heavy day without my beloved.

Samuel was a great servant while his papa was serving. Some days he made breakfast, helped me in the garden and readily did exactly as he was told. We traveled the History route in Springfield for school and went on plenty of bike rides through Springfield. I even caught the flu and Samuel prayed over me, told me to rest and went to work organizing the school room. Marcos and I are Blessed beyond measure with a son. When times were tough it was my attitude that often needed a God adjustment. I would get alone and pray. I noticed if I would not crawl back into a selfish, "I deserve respect, admiration and thankfullness" sin mode, God would work the situation out so much easier. God is so good and does so much good in our lives.

Samuel  loves his new papa. It was very clear while my beloved was away that a son is truly Blessed to have a father. Every aspect of every day I would pray and ask God to give me the strength to do what I really could not do and fill that void. However, our God is good because we could see the bond that has been created and the healing power of God's love in adoption. Samuel missed his dad and for that I am so grateful. 

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