Thursday, February 2, 2012

We have too much

I would like to announce I am reading a new book and is ruining me! Oh, not the me you know but the one I do my best not to reveal to many. The one that loves that new clothes smell at the mall and giggles with delight when my husband brings home a fancy expensive gift after he has returned from traveling! The one that knows inherently a pair of ice skates that cost fifty dollars are way less cozy than the ones that feel like eskimos cuddling with your feet and glide as if you are sailing on clouds because they cost...okay I cant confess that yet...

Yes, that me! 

   You see folks, I have a conflict arrising in my soul that I dare not admit even out loud but better soon because it is only going to fester until it looks like the couch cushion my great dane mix gutted after he saw the one eyed cat from our dining room window!

Yes, I have discoverd that I myself have TOO MUCH. 

There are 143 million orphans in the world.

I live at the top one percent in the world because I have a house, food, clothes and disposable income. Oh and my family and I also have clean water to drink and bathe with.

The " people " advertise to get me to to buy thier stuff because I dont NEED anything and have nothing else to spend my money on except anything I WANT.

After serving in International Missions for eleven years and traveling to 13 countries I have just recently realized this lifestyle I live is in part the cause of poverty. Before you say I have lost my mind just think for a minute. Yes, God said the poor will always be with us, we will always have the poor. Tell me this though, what are we doing to minister to the poor when all we do is spend and collect. Is our ten percent or even forty percent enough? What if we gave half of all we had to those who had less and actually sought after justice for the poor, abused and orphaned? What if every person I knew adopted an orphan? What if every family adopted two or three kids from countries without Foster Care or any net for the Fatherless? 

Can you Imagine!!!

Well, if this irked you in any way and you think it is extreme..welcome to my world. I told you the book is ruining me. Its ruining the consumer, materialistic, this is cute, I need that, its for homeschool I know its expensive, these shirts dont match, what a nice crock pot, paper plates tonight

Okay here is the book but dont say I didnt warn you.......

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

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  1. When you finish this book, read "Kisses from Katie", the amazing story of an 18-year-old who goes to live in Uganda. It's a WOW! A convicting WOW.

    With much love and birthday wishes to our favorite Russian teen,
    Denise for the tribe