Thursday, February 2, 2012

God is always on time

Samuel and I in Russia at Gum Mall Moscow 2010

On Tuesday our sweet son turned 15 years old! Not only is his Birthday precious to us because its our first to celebrate with him home but we have many other reasons.

      In the state of Illinois you must pass DCFS approval before you can adopt Internationally. The rules of our DCFS Foster care system apply to families when they want to adopt even Internationally. While we are free from most of the constraints I have watched my friends suffer through, we are required to get permission and to be licensed as Foster Care Parents before we can adopt. Please don't let my post sound off as a complaint but rather a Praise. You see, as documents were recreated and we struggled to bring home our kiddo we were told if he turns 15 in Russia that we would not get DCFS approval period and our journey to bring home our son would be over.

You can Imagine our Joy celebrating Samuel's 15th Birthday here in our arms!!!!!
God is always on time.
Our prayers flow through a powerful counseler ( Holy Spirit ) for these kids. We hope you know if you are adopting, waiting, praying and if your anything like me...worrying than just know..  God is for you and not against you.

Samuel and I standing on the Florida sand where his dad and I were maried December 2012

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