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The Barros Academy

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 Recently asked questions about The Barros Academy

   Who is your principle?
  Mr. J.C.
 Vice Principle is Marcos Barros

 Praying always and especially when a subject is challenging! Always encouraging students to maintain goals and invest time wisely.

What do you study?
   All the basics (Math,English,Russian,Reading,Grammar,Science,Sociology, Biology) and anything else he wants to learn! In the past month..questions and topics included but were not limited to; Child birth, abortion,microwaves,unions,creation of dinosaurs,chemistry behind nutrition and metabolic break down,the human heart,mechanics....

 What about socialization?
    Church group, Gracie Barra BJJ and lunch with the his parents to teach practical applications on how to mature and become a man, husband and friend ,courageous and bold in his family and career.

What is your student ratio?
  Two teachers to one student.

How do you teach them to love learning?

Prayer and hands on learning through field trips and family outings that never lock us in to a time to learn and time to stop learning schedule. Home schoolers are always learning and teachers at The Barros Academy teach 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What do you use as a curriculum and what grade are they in?

 Use guidelines like those suggested from the local schools as to where you can strive to be. Go above those if your kiddo is learning faster and eating it up. Slow down and focus on what it is  taking to understand each level when they need it. Remember there is a love of learning here compared to a mass classroom with expectations and tests. Lord Wiling they will graduate ( the percentage is beautiful and kids are doing great in home school)  with a love of learning and mature Godly character more prepared to become an adult than party like a rock star in college and search for maturity through any passage they find offered.

What is wrong with Public School? Why do you home school?

  I was in Public School, it was okay. I learned how to be popular, hated math and was more focused on boys and after school sports than learning. I hung out with the family on Sundays and my fiends mostly all week. My friends taught me character the most because I was with them more than my parents. My friends taught me how to be a kid and a teen...even as I was becoming a young woman.

   I saw my parents maybe three hours after school and shared dinner sometimes with them or in front of the TV. If I wasn't at my sport of choice, Church youth group or staying up until eleven o'clock doing homework so my teacher could prove we all knew something and she or he did their job to get us EDUCATED. I would strive to earn a great deal of money doing something I liked. I learned life was all about what I want, what I could buy and do with all that stuff you see on TV! So, school was the ticket to make big bucks and there folks was my motivation to study! This was my hearts desire. This is the result of the character and education cocktail via Public school + Church + Sports + boyfriends + lots of study time.

   I graduated National Honors Society and went on to a major University still lost as to what the point of learning really was. I was just going through the steps for whatever they asked for to get wherever I was supposed to go, which I had no clue but I was going there..wherever that was since Kindergarten!

  My friends in college put bows in their hair and joined expensive clubs where they had slumber parties ( sorority) and big parties in which they invited other boys ( Fraternities) that were in clubs too! Some of them planned expensive mission trips to help the poor but upon return I would bump into them at the same parties also searching for the next big thrill! They studied in cramming sessions just to throw up what they learned to pass the test and move onto..whatever was next.

 Wait, this was growing up?

     Then I put the books down and left for Africa. I learned where and what I was supposed to do after that through God's grace, Knowledge and a whole lot of doing, going, seeing and experiencing.

   I know home schoolers have this advantage. I have seen it. I have met graduates. They are different people. They are mature, polite, able to handle change and diversity, inventive and confident, generous, interesting, comfy in their shoes and close to their creator God.  The proof is really in the pudding! Look at it..its in the pudding!

   In a home school environment, you are free to do BOTH! Learn and see, think and feel, go and do. Your character changes into who God wants you to be and you can see goals more clearly from a divine perspective! Your not surrounded by a sub culture pushing you to be a teen. Your a student and a young person that has a great amount of freedom to learn and go and do.

 Public school could have brought me into my Veterinary Career or even where I am today. I am sure God's direction would have resumed control despite my harpooning at dollars and materialism! I am also sure that the time I wasted watching my character shadow the corner while I took on the world could have been invested at a greater rate if I were home schooled. ( Mom and Dad your awesome this is just a blog, I know you both had to work and home school was like not even an idea back in the 80's and I love you. )

  I wont let my kids loose that time with what I am being shown now. They will be preciously taught, prayed for and motivated into love, learning and a future of hope and calling. This is my job as a mom from the Lord and I am so grateful to our beloved USA and the freedom in Christ to educate our kiddos! God help us and may he be glorified in what they do with what they have learned!

 I believe Home School can bring young people into their calling sooner and with less turmoil, a whole lot less confusion, greater passion and pleasure.

  You asked. This is what God has laid on my heart!

To God Be all the Glory because he is the giver of Truth, Wisdom and knowledge. I am a servant and daughter of the most high King and enjoying his Grace.

- Love Jamie


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