Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A year of Faith


Reflection is a greater power than regret. With that being said, I do not make New Years resolutions. I look back and ask God what happened and what He helped me with that I scarcely believed I could do on my own?

   Needless to say the miracles of God's love in 2011 were impossible to count on two hands or even my toes! God did so much that Marcos, Samuel and I, never could have accomplished on our own strength.

   So, what shall I even imagine to pursue for God in 2012? I tremble with my dreams that require even more Faith than last year but I also giggle and tear up at seeing even the provision and growth I just know God will meet us with if we get out of the boat and just FOLLOW HIM! What a magnificent creator and friend to join us where we are in this adventure with Purpose called LIFE! To make Him known.

So, I ask you for your help once again. Pray for me.
That my Faith will be so much greater than the fear that can well up in me.
That my sin will not reveal its ugly head and destroy those I love in words or actions.
That my heart is set on things above in God's kingdom and not here on earth.
That I am a Godly wife, Mom and friend for God to be revealed everyday.
That I dont shrinkback and avoid the hard things God asks me to do.
That I do not choose comfort over conviction in this 2012.
That I forgive those who hurt me and my family with the capacity Christ forgave us all.

Here is 2012..dedicated to my creator,king and Father..Christ my redeemer.
-Praise be to God.

-God's Majesty

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