Monday, December 31, 2012

What he would have missed if he wasnt adopted...

A good morning hug, prayer, tickles and kisses...

A father strong enough to play wrestle with him and gentle enough to forgive him....

Guidance in money, sexual temptation, Integrity and many other life issues.....

Trips to the beach....

A huge doting family that adores him......

An extended family that misses him when he is not in class......

A teacher that adores him.......

A mentor and friend that enjoys him......

A cousin or two that need him.......

A troop of Russian born brothers and sisters that comfort him and help him grow...

A life full of experiences, laughter, love and sacrificial gifts......

The most important thing Samuel would have missed if he was never adopted is...

  being introduced to the one who created all good and praiseworthy things
Jesus Christ.

Please pray for all the children waiting in Russia. 
Pray for our President and leaders to find a way to help. 

Pray for Mercy from God that while we were busy with everyday distractions and forgot about the Fatherless waiting, that we will have a chance to Take care of them and adopt them again. Here's to a NEW Year of Hope and Prayer for all of the fatherless.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Blessings and Prayers

Samuel with his Aunt Emily and youngest cousin Dorian

Samuel,Uncle Chris and papa Marcos

Samuel again with his youngest cousin Dori

Our Christmas card

Samuel with a prayer for Russia 

Samuel, uncle Chris and his cousin Eddie

All these photos of a former orphan were brought to you by the grace of God through what I still and always will believe in... the miracle of adoption. Thank you God. We cry out tonight to Jesus in Mercy as we pray and hold on to hope for our friends and future Russian children waiting .........

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faith like a child

 Merry Christmas everyone! We apologize for our delay in blogging! There have been many events i have archived here thanks to our digital camera. I have scrolled through photos for inspiration as to what I would like to write. I have been praying and hoping the Lord would lift your spirits through my words but Im afraid I come to you with a heavy heart.  The recent news of possible ban on adoptions from Russia just has me using every minute of quiet time with my heart kneeled to my King of Kings..hoping this law will not pass. Will you pray with me? Will you consider approaching Christ in humility as we ask for mercy and hope in the lives of these children waiting in Faith for their new family?

Friday, November 16, 2012


  Its so cold outside and as we fall into this winter chill I am so thankful for God's warmth. In all things and especially adoption we are solely dependent on our great creator. So many of our friends are adopting and its so awesome to enjoy each step closer that they get to bringing home the sweet little and bigger ones God has planned for them!  

      Please don't forget to pray for everyone in the process and that all the kiddos will soon find families! Adoption is at the heart of Jesus and its such an honor to be apart of it. We hope and pray that God will move us even sooner to adopt too! Samuel prays for a sister but also grins ear to ear at having us all to himself for now!

    We have been very busy with The Barros Academy and I just might dare to say that as one year flew by Home school is still a great Blessing! Samuel has also been taking a class outside of my teaching skills and admires and loves his teacher. Our God is so good to us in His provision of everything and I love my student!

   As Thanksgiving approaches ...where do I begin? I'm thankful for so much. 

Thank you God for trusting us with Samuel to raise in your honor, as he is yours and we are ever grateful for our arrow...

Thank You Grandpa for giving your life to give Marcos and I a son and Samuel a family ... 

Thank You Mom and Dad for telling me about Jesus and showing Samuel God's unconditional love...

Thank You Emmy and Amy for loving me from a distance when I am the only one who moved away and you still remain as close to me as ever...

Thank You Alanson for raising your kids in fear and admonition of the Lord so we could learn from you and Emmy how to raise ours...

Thank You Chris for fishing with Samuel and loving him the first day you met him as if you were there the day he was born...what genuine love....

Thank You Marcos for being my best friend all day and every day......

Thank You Samuel for making me a Mom......

Samuel's special Russian recipe!

The cook at work!

Samuel in the middle of assisting the Professors during a seminar

Our pumpkin meat and create Fall celebration! It was also Marcos Birthday!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saying Yes...a family update

Hello everyone! I apologize for my delay in posting. It seems we have been busier as a family these last few months.

   Marcos has been working very hard to diminish the bully population in Springfield as he taught free classes all October. The classes focused on being more confident and defending yourself if necessary against bullies! His hard work is admired by his biggest fan...ME!

   We made it to FIVE YEARS as a married couple and it really does feel like yesterday. I do believe God has graciously given us so many happy moments! I am at a loss to choose a favorite! We went to the St Louis Symphony to celebrate and were astounded at the perfect music made by such artists that we know are imperfect by nature. Can you imagine the sounds in heaven? Yeah, it was really awesome! My beloved is my best friend and I am thankful in God's great big Mercy that we are together!

  Samuel has been hitting the books at home in the Barros Academy and enjoying a class we chose for him to learn outside of our home school environment. It was a bold prayer move and we would appreciate your continued prayers as our son has to be light in a sometimes dark or dimly lit spiritual arena two hours a day, five days a week. 

   As his new mom and a new mom in general I just shudder sometimes at the pressures he faces. I know God is with Him and this is the time for him to learn and choose but I can tell you it is hard.  He is one precious young man to us and we wish everyday that each person he meets would lift him up and encourage him in the Lord but that's just not the world we live in.  Please pray for courage, Integrity and an open ear to the Holy Spirit when choices present themselves. Pray Samuel will choose according to God's leading and pleasing. We appreciate your prayers so much in this area and really need them!  He is enjoying driving the Caterpillar backhoe,welding and working with his hands a great deal! The course is called Agriculture and Industrial Mechanics. His teacher is a big blessing and we are able to be apart of his class everyday as well as see every project!

  I may have forgotten to mention we have visitors with us from Korea. A father and son are staying with us a few months to experience life in the USA. They have been helping Marcos at the Gracie Barra academy and our student enrollment at The Barros Academy Home School is now ...two!  I have two second language learners and as we read the Bible, our kitchen is consumed with God's word in four languages Korean,Russian,Portuguese and English.  Be careful what you pray just might get it.

   I asked God to bring the mission field closer to home and I married a Brazilian, we adopted  from Russia and now we have South Korea here...God is so good. It is a blessing but WOW we are certainly learning that God says consider others more important then yourselves....deny one another etc....Please pray that we show them God's love despite our imperfections and sin.  Just in case you don't know me, I am not the best with change and certainly could use some prayer warriors here for me. I am also having difficulty sharing my coconut creme that I put in my coffee each morning. ...that was a true confession.

     Lastly in this lengthy and a tad bit dull update...MOOSE is doing just swell! He still jumps on us but has learned to love the yard and stay in the fence! He has turned into quite a love leaner but is huge so when he needs exercise it can be painful! He has stopped eating my curtains and crashing through glass windows but still has barking conversation with the neighbor's ( who had a newborn baby this year ) cat Roma. He has learned to chew his food and stopped throwing it up after every meal and is drinking water while keeping it down with only a sound barrier breaking belch after each twenty sip episode to remind us to be thankful! He runs along side the bike and it takes about seven miles a day to keep him calmer then a toddler on Mountain Dew but I sure am fit!

   In all seriousness, hes a beauty and our comedy relief! Samuel never forgets to include him in his bedtime prayers. They go something like this, "Please God help crazy baby Moose not be so crazy." When I catch Samuel and him in what I call the forever hug pose ( because when moose is quiet you can hug him forever and he doesn't mind at all ) I simply remember its all worth it!

Maybe that is why we said Yes to adoption, Yes to a season of learning to serve others and Yes to whatever may be next..... God is so good to us despite our imperfections and sin! 
Praise be to Him who all Glory is due!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer fun photos from Church

We just love our kiddo! Here he is with Nick

God has His mighty hand in our sweet son's life! God be praised for his Love and mercy in Samuel's life! 
Running from water is Samuel's mentor and friend Myles!

The triathalon!!

It was a super windy 55 degrees but Samuel took to the water and swam....

After the cold swim he was off on his bike to race around the lake!

I was the loudest Mom there! Our runner turned the corner and pure excitement blurred the photo!

Our very tired champion finished in1:08. He was given a finishers medal and lots of time to rest before the winners were announced.

First Place in his age bracket ! We were overjoyed and thankful to our creator for Samuels endurance and safety during the race!

   Our Korean Familiy currently visiting also enjoyed the race and hanging out afterwards!

It was a beautiful day full of Joy and Victory! Thank you Lord! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Passport To Purity Update and pictures

The swimming was awesome...

Samuel enjoyed time in the pool!

Then they dove into God's word and wisdom on sexual purity..

There were lots of projects to help explain each lesson.

Some projects required water and made a great impact!

Then it was smooth sailing in the Kayak with dad!

The adventure continued with new discoveries!

To top off the trip Dad took Samuel on a dream helicopter ride! SURPRISE! Samuel loved it!

God's creation looked spectacular from the seats of the helicopter!

Both Father and son enjoyed every minute!

Then it was time for the commitment dinner.

So the guys got all dressed up!

Samuel was presented with a special gift that signifies his commitment and ours together to pray for our son and guide him in his journey to find the wife God has saved just for him and pursue purity.