Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Warm Kiss

Samuel and I

Mrs. Barros:

  I took a walk yesterday after Samuel and I wrapped up a day of school. It was chilly outside but the sun was shining bright enough and I had enough energy to keep up with the puppy! Samuel was content to decorate for Christmas while Marcos napped. As I walked I was filled with gratitude for all God has done thus far in our lives together as a family. How incredibly tender God has been to Marcos and I as new parents. How precious and tender our new sons heart is towards us. The walk continued for an hour and I arrived home realizing I had forgotten my key. I gently knocked on the door as Dima raced down the stairs on his tip toes to open it for me. I apologized for forgetting my key and thanked him for hearing my knock and opening the door so quickly. I released the hound and said, " Samuel, it is so windy out, I think my cheeks are frozen!" Samuel smiled, pulled my face close to his with his warm hands and planted a warm kiss on my cheek.

  This is adoption. 
This is God's love through a fallen world. For those of you waiting for your kiddos to come home and on the edge of deciding to adopt please remember..God is for you and not against you. Go for it! Obey God's command to look after orphans and watch Him explode Blessings and love into your family and life!!

Samuel and Alexander in the midst of a ball game
Marcos and Samuel

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