Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas decorating, Ice Skating and Christmas Parties!

Decorating the house for Christmas with MANY Lights

Moose in his Christmas snoooze

Ice Skating at The Nelson Center

Working on some gifts

Uncle Beto and Samuel playing as usual

Hockey Skates for Samuel

Our GBS Christmas Party! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Enjoying Christmas

Our puppy Moose who is now 100 Lbs and drives us all a little nuts!
   Our family has been enjoying a Christmas together full of home made Holiday food, lots of traveling to see new friends, game nights and little to no shopping. Samuel, Marcos and I have been making our presents this year  in hopes our family will enjoy them as much as we did creating them!  Samuel is incredibly creative and fun to work with! He even vacumns up glitter !

   Our sweet son rang the bell for three hours tonight at walmart for the Salvation Army! We did offer to relieve him and do family shifts but that was not an option and he was insistant upon ringing the whole time! We fetched tea and surprised him at the door every few minutes where he stood. We couldnt help giggling at the people attempting to talk to our kiddo in the hussle and bussle. Our Samuel has a deep accent like his new Brazillian papa and the midwestern folks here are always a bit thrown off by it.

   We have also been enjoying the strangly warmer than usual weather. Despite the Floridian Mama and Brazilian Papa Samuel has, we will ride bikes in 4o degrees.  We will ride for an hour, expect hot chocolate upon arrival home and enjoy watching Samuel go on and on about how cool it was that we could ride in DECEMBER! Please pray for snow soon so we can end this madness! Im just kidding..kinda!

   To close this update we would like to say thank you! Your prayers produce the moments we so greatly treasure! God has truly shown us how to learn to forge a strong family through forgiveness, admitting you can learn from each other and laughing when you have no clue what the other person is saying!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are a tri-lingual experience! Marcos and I are learning so much everyday and enjoying being parents of our young son. We still have so very much to learn! God is so generous to teach all three of us how to be a family daily. To encourage those of you newly home, its a daily process and God will give you the Grace you need. If your on the edge of adoption...we are now the voice of very little experience telling is still awesome! Our son is still a Blessing and we are still leaning on God and He is still providing!

Merry Christmas and may God Bless you this very moment!

More photos soon!


Friday, December 9, 2011


Photo Credit D R
We just wanted to post a sweet picture taken by a dear friend of ours. We love this picture of our relaxed and content kiddo while we were spending time with friends in Minnesota!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last Christmas

Lots of laughs by the tree!

   Last year at this time Marcos and I gathered our adoption papers and with heavy hearts put them aside until late February. With hopes we would be in Russia by Christmas our hearts dropped at the news that our case would be set aside until well after the Russian New Year. We would spend our third Christmas without our son.

   BUT....this Christmas we marvel at the goodness of God and His great Faithfullness to bring our sweet son home! What a fabulous and generous Christmas Gift! May our hearts be so faithful to our incredible saviour!

Serious decorating!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A new mom's moments of Prayer and Praise with her new son!

The ability to Trust us...

The creativity .....

A joy to talk to...

God's healing in a family...

Silly moments are plenty....

Sharing a life full of God's abundance...

Praying for strength and courage....

Wisdom to know the best God has to offer...

Peace in the midst of so much change...

Friends that will encourage and build him in the Lord...

A Warm Kiss

Samuel and I

Mrs. Barros:

  I took a walk yesterday after Samuel and I wrapped up a day of school. It was chilly outside but the sun was shining bright enough and I had enough energy to keep up with the puppy! Samuel was content to decorate for Christmas while Marcos napped. As I walked I was filled with gratitude for all God has done thus far in our lives together as a family. How incredibly tender God has been to Marcos and I as new parents. How precious and tender our new sons heart is towards us. The walk continued for an hour and I arrived home realizing I had forgotten my key. I gently knocked on the door as Dima raced down the stairs on his tip toes to open it for me. I apologized for forgetting my key and thanked him for hearing my knock and opening the door so quickly. I released the hound and said, " Samuel, it is so windy out, I think my cheeks are frozen!" Samuel smiled, pulled my face close to his with his warm hands and planted a warm kiss on my cheek.

  This is adoption. 
This is God's love through a fallen world. For those of you waiting for your kiddos to come home and on the edge of deciding to adopt please remember..God is for you and not against you. Go for it! Obey God's command to look after orphans and watch Him explode Blessings and love into your family and life!!

Samuel and Alexander in the midst of a ball game
Marcos and Samuel