Thursday, October 6, 2011

The rising cost of rescuing the fatherless

Preparing for court Marcos and Samuel are caught in a beautiful moment

     I spoke with a dear friend of mine yesterday afternoon who works daily to tug at hearts and open the minds of many to adoption from Russia. She spends her days on the phone and her weeks flying back and forth to Russia in hopes the hosting families will find their sons or daughters and follow through with bringing them into their home forever. I admire her courage and thank God that she didnt tell Marcos and I that the journey to adopt was impossible. She knew we earned much less in one year as a married couple to afford the required fees for adoption to bring our son home. She never gave up on us and encouraged us to pursue and follow through even when we felt our mixed citizenship was causing many precious people to shuffle through papers and come up with new ways to introduce us to the authorites as "eligible."

     If your reading this and have seen the fees involved and are wondering how we did it I have four words for you ,"With God  all things are possible." It really isnt just a bumper sticker. After I spoke with my friend yesterday I wanted to cry. The monetary cost has risen incredibly since we began our journey more than two years ago. Then I had to stop myself and remember that it really is just paper. Our king of kings owns cattle on a thousand hills. I dont need to worry about the families that are raising money or the children hoping someone will adopt them. God has it all under His control and He will provide. Please dont let the monetary cost of rescuing and giving  these kids a future stop you from adopting. There is nothing God cannot help you with. 

   Believe us, the reward to being a parent to one of these precious kids is incredible! My kiddo is sitting with me as I type this and I know its because we simply didnt have the money but we did have God's resources and they are endless!

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