Thursday, October 20, 2011


Our Bike ride together!

   Samuel, Marcos and I went shopping the other day at Walmart. It didnt seem like an eventful evening until we meandered into the baby section on our way to bike gear. Samuel spent some time pushing the swings and asking questions about many of the items. He always finds more questions than answers at any store we find ourselves in.  Samuel looked at me and asked, " Did you have when you were a baby?" I was lost for words but answered as honestly as I could and he seemed satisfied.

   The question itself was eventful because it was the first time our kiddo asked any one of us about our beginnings and that evening it opened the door to many pleasent discussions about how priceless Samuel is to us! Amidst all the precious invitations and announcements for new babies I get almost monthly from friends, Marcos and I find each other deeply in love with our priceless new son! We couldnt imagine life without him and we are more grateful to God daily for His gift of our son!


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