Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is good to be wrong!

On Wednesday September 21st Samuel officially took the oath and he is holding in his hands a certificate of Citizenship (one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman) ! The coolest thing about this photo is the window in the back ground. Marcos and I left in great despair last year after speaking with immigration services regarding our adoption.  The amount of obstacles God has over come for our family to be one is tremendous. Truly there are miracles he loves to perform in our lives and looking back to that very day, makes me smile and worship Him all the more! It is a wonderful feeling to be wrong in this case! I remember the words of the official being something like, " There is really nothing we can do. I dont think you will be able to complete this adoption in the time alloted." I remember doubting that we ever would get through the wait times and deadlines required. I remember thinking we would let our son down.  It is so good to have been wrong. It is so good to have God interceeding on our behalf even when our Faith really is...the size of a mustard seed as it was that very day!

Chicago just isnt Chicago without Uncle Beto and a photo on the Bull!

Samuels Mentor and friend Matt the Fireman..has also Blessed us!

Even before he became official, he found a new flag my Mom had bought and took the iniative to display it! You think that is should see his room!

Not many new Moms get a piggy back ride a month into Mother hood!

Thanks to Dr. Woodruff our brave kiddo has had some much needed work done.

We have been fishing...alot!

Moose is learning that having a boy means more trips to the Park!

A dedicated BJJ Practitioner earns his first stripe!!!

This was the big one that did not get away!!

Look hands! Just kidding he was strapped in!

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