Wednesday, September 14, 2011

God is in the everyday!

Hello everyone!

   Its a quiet afternoon and here I sit alone at the Kitchen table with a vast amount of ideas and encouragement that I really want to convey in one little blog entry! I wish you could see the light in our sons eyes at breakfast and feel the beauty of God's hand in each new day. Jesus has been so real in many days of my life but now, more than ever, I see a sweet generous Lord that rains down healing and so many things I cant even explain.

Do you believe? 

Do you really want to know this love?

God loves you so much! He wants to be in your everyday.

He really really does.

       Thank You to the many of you praying for us in such a fragile time for us as a family! You remember we are new parents for the first time and first time home schoolers and well, Samuel as a first time son in a family! 

   Your incredible prayers have lifted us on low days and kept us floating on busy days! All in all, God has been incredibly gracious to us as a new family. We are still after a love and enjoying our treasured teen! We have seen days that appear to be a challenge and at that very moment we open God's word and He reveals real answers. It is true that the King of Kings is in the every day moments of those who seek him. What a beautiful savior and Father we have to help us with the simple everyday. 

     We are so undeserving of the many Blessings we have been afforded and so overwhelmed by the sweetness of each day together as a family of three. Only God could do something like this..He is simply AWESOME!

Below is a little update of the specifics of what Samuel has been up photos!

       Samuel has enjoyed days of fishing, mechanics class, go kart racing, shopping, jiu-jitsu classes, swimming classes, Church Youth group, new friends and daily home school. His heart is full of affection for us and he makes us smile atleast every hour! 

  Marcos has been the spiritual leader for this family in leading us through God's word daily, praying for us, teaching Samuel BJJ and of course how to fix the cars..which is exactly what they are doing this very moment!

  I have been diving into the books to learn the very exciting life of a home school teacher and mom, practicing BJJ, enjoying the GBS students and family, praying alot and well...enjoying even the morning walks with Moose! 

  We love you..God loves you so much more....Love and prayers,


God's love is extravagent! Our beautiful son!
Out fished by a girl! we love you Kendall!

Beautiful day!

Stotts! we love you!

Excellent Driver

Just hanging out and drinking Daves coffee!

Oh yeah! Thats a great catch!

Yes, our son is tall!

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