Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In our weakness..He is strong

 God has brought us through a miraculous event. Just getting Dima home took over 300 people giving and praying. Sixty people on the USA side helping with documents and countless others on the Russian side. There were four lawyers from three countries and as of last count in my duplicate folder there were more then sixty documents that had to be redone, remade or renewed. Our dossier was rejected three times due to our mixed citizenship and various documents were created that never existed by authorities that agreed to create them.

   In all these after thoughts and an attempt to bring me back to a position of even more thank fullness, I am sure I still do not see the entire picture. Only the Lord of Lords can truly know and see every interwoven thread and loop that He created to bring us together. 

We are in awe of our God and now our son. His kindness and generosity has made our hearts swell with gratitude for a teenager that brings us joy everyday. What a masterpiece God has made when He decided that adoption would be in our legacy. We are humbled by God's grace to choose us. We never feel qualified but know God will equip us indeed. 

  How are we getting along you may wonder? Some days are difficult with many changes and moments of humility and understanding that take up more time than an average everyday conversation. Most days are truly hilarious and full of getting to know one another! God has been very very gracious to Marcos and I as new parents. We are enjoying this time to get to be together! Thank You for your prayers! They are the source of strength we lean upon and the wisdom we soak up when we feel dumbfounded! Your prayers are incredible! We love you and will keep you as updated as time allows! Remember, this is where the healing begins ( I love that song)! Blessings to you all and may this post truly make you God!

  To God Be the Glory!
Barros Family!



  1. O, how we love the three of you! We love your continual praise of God! You honor Him so!

    Praying for you!

    God is good and does good,
    Denise for Jim and the tribe, here and abroad

  2. Hi Recently Expanded Barros family!

    I have greatly enjoyed keeping up to date on your recent expansions of the family! I absolutely love it! On a more personal note of what I really enjoy seeing, I really enjoy seeing the photos between father and son! The amount of love that is between them already is neat to see through all the little things a picture shows you. (Hands on shoulders...etc) I really like that father son connection! Praying for God to be glorified in your family!