Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Im not sure if I should write this as a prayer request or an encouragement. Either way i'm sure those of you who know me well will see straight through to the other side of this post. Our son misses his country,friends and the people who did lovingly help with this adoption. Will you pray for him? Will you pray for us too? We have been showered with grace and love by God through each day of transition and today we really need you even more. Can you imagine when you had a newborn and you knew he or she was very sad or upset but the communication was lost. Well, its kind of similar here. Even when you do know what is wrong its difficult to see your child suffer through the loss of so much dear to him. So, with great appreciation, we covet your prayers. We need Wisdom and understanding as well as patience and humility. Please pray Blessings over our son as he learns this whole new life and engages into the moments of letting go of the life he once knew.

  Love and Prayers,
 Marcos, Jamie and Dima

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  1. Praying, praying, praying, praying, praying!

    Tomorrow let's have Daria and Samuel talk on the phone. I had her read this post, and she really, really, really GETS the grief and pain he's going through!

    Jim and I really, really get the pain you're going through watching him struggle and suffer on the way to someday being filled with happines and enthusiasm over his life here in America while still loving Russia deeply.

    We love you three!