Monday, July 18, 2011

We Miss him every time we breathe

 In God's word it says we have the hope of heaven. Our bones and bodies ache for the home we were gifted by grace and not works. I am starting to understand this longing even better. The book of Hebrews also says we should wait with confidence and Trust God will prepare a place for us.

 We miss our son.

 We miss him so much that every moment since we left laughter is softer, music is dimmer and flowers even less brilliant. God enabled us to bond as a family with such fierce love that the bond remains but we cannot reach out and embrace or take care of him with such distance between us. So, we wait with Trust, we confirm Gods Faithfulness and often deeply sigh and understand what the other is thinking.

 I thank God for these feelings as difficult as they are. These feelings are God Breathed and the ones we asked for when we met our son. God truly has made us a family. Will you pray for him today as he waits too? Will you ask God to give us favor for a quick return date from the authorities?
We love him so much. God Bless you and we will keep you updated!

Love-the newest and most Blessed Mama and Papa in the Universe

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