Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waiting for him to walk in the door!


  1. Marcos, Jamie and our friend from January 2010,

    Can't begin to tell how our hearts leap that you're together! You've waited so long! May the three of you be richly blessed during this few days you have that center around your going to court.

    We've already begun praying for the judge to show you favor.

    Please greet Luda and Peter for us. They blessed us so richly when we stayed with them. We STILL miss Luda's incredible cooking!

    With MUCH love,
    The Beavers

  2. Dear Marcos and Jamie,

    I know Mom already posted for the family...but I just had to say: I am SO happy for all THREE of you! I am so grateful God has brought you to this point, and it seems like every other breath is a prayer for you. We shall be waiting and praying for good news! I love you guys and am so thankful God has given us the gift of your friendship.