Friday, July 1, 2011

A sweet day to Play in the sun! While we plan to see our son!

Were preparing for our sweet son to come home by August and as we do all we can to get through the last parts of this process we surely covet your prayers. Logistics in Russia, seeing our son after being apart for over a year and learning to serve our Russian brothers and sisters takes grace,patience and well, all the other stuff we don't naturally possess.

    We simply need God's divine help, guidance and power. We want the attitude of Christ and His peace that He offers. We also desire wisdom in every step we take as we venture further into the court room and among so many put in authority by God. Thank you for not forgetting us on this journey,thank you for your encouragement, incredible love and generous gifts to rescue the fatherless. Please continue in prayer for us and we surely will not forget your effort in this as we lift you up in all the happenings in your life. You are such a Blessing to us and we hope to be THAT example of God's Love in Russia too.

  Below are some pictures of dear friends who rescued us from our logistical shell today and made us simply relish and enjoy the day. They knew exactly what we needed and oh how we love them and all they have been to us everyday and since we started this adoption journey. Enjoy the pictures!

Love and Prayers-Barros Family

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