Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Its official our application is satisfied! What?

We just got back from a grueling court case..atleast me! The judge really had me on target but of course i'm okay now...just need a little chocolate and some more hugs from my love and my new son! God Be Praised!

  Of course God gave us favor and our prayers again we find answered! What a spectacular day ! Yes only one day! They did not waive the ten day wait so we will return in ten days or so to bring him home! Yes, leaving will be so difficult. Samuel is very happy and told the judge over and over and over that he wants us to be his family! He even smiled the third time she asked if he really wanted to move to America, learn a new language and trust us to be his parents. He just smiled and said yes!!! YES!!! YES!!! Thank You for your do we express such thanks!

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