Sunday, July 17, 2011


Marcos and I arrived home in a tired but surely peaceful state to see my mom at the airport. Mom had been at our house the whole time watching over our animals and home in the wait that maybe we would return home with her grand son. She flew from Florida, left behind all her grandkids and beloved to sit in our big old house alone. But, thats not all she did.

    First, I have a confession to make. In the midst of putting together three dossiers, training a wild wonderful puppy, working at Gracie Barra, being a wife and volunteering at the Pregnancy Center...the house has suffered. I never realized the paint chipping, fence falling, bathtub rusting, kitchen cluttering, lightbulbs missing, towels fading and curtains sagging off of rods. So, my Mom made more of her time here by simply Blessing us by fixing it all! The kitchen boasts new paint! Our bathroom showcases new towels and bedspreads! The back yard would make Better Homes and Gardens front page and of course my senior dogs are safe happy and didn't even miss us! To leave our son in Russia and come home to only have ten days until we return to repair, prepare, work and get this place ready would have been a huge undertaking!

  So, here I sit printing pictures for our son, packing my bag and enjoying the fun stuff, praying and SMILING! Thank you MOM! What a gift from God you are! You gave us time to enjoy and prepare the things we WANTED to do before our son comes home! What a beautiful home your grandson will come home to! We love you soooo much! 
God Bless your generous and servant heart...we will never forget what you did for us!

My favorite photo of my mom and dad! So cute!

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