Tuesday, July 26, 2011

He likes cucumbers and cars

  When we did see our son again after the wait he had grown so very tall! He scaled over me and could look his papa straight in the eyes.  His hair was lighter, skin darker and smile even sweeter! I immediately told him we missed him dearly and apologized for the delay in bringing him home. He said he understood and not to worry that it was okay. We sat a few moments in silence as our angel Luda began to build a bridge of communication between the three of us.  I couldn't believe it! My heart was bursting with joy and I just wanted to keep squeezing him to make sure I wasn't dreaming!

  We were so nervous, so happy, so relieved and I could say I was a little shocked! I just kept telling God thank you over and over between translations.

  Dinner was ready and we began to settle into each other. Samuel moved right in to lounge with us after we ate and played some UNO.  We also discussed the wedding party that  returned that evening and Samuel named the make and model of each car in the caravan. He would leave Marcos and I only to grab a sliced cucumber and settle back in to look out over the balcony with his new papa.

It was perfect. It was so sweet and we were wrapped in the abundance of Gods preparation, love and favor.

   That evening we went to Samuel's room to say good night, hug him, pray with him and read some scripture that God had put on my heart for him to know. He was so warm, kind, easy going, peaceful and even his relaxed smile and goodnight kiss resonated contentment. His mama and papa had arrived, were ready to stand in court for him and more than anything be his forever family.

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