Thursday, July 21, 2011

A grateful heart

    When my beloved and I arrived in Russia the butterflies began! The ones dwelling in your belly that stir up a little good anxiety! I think there were moments we would just look at each other and forget where we were! It was like a dream! It was a dream to be seeing our sweet son after a year and 1/2 of wait! Every day not an hour would pass that we would feel God's call to pray for our son. Some days were harder than we imagined with rejections and piles of uncertainty. I only draw back to this so you can clearly and without doubt understand that this adoption...our son...this moment...this family is a miracle! Only god could have followed this through! There were more obstacles than you could even imagine. So many. Death even tried to snatch us and our son during the wait but God said no! Can you understand?

    Praise be to God. We love Him so much for giving us this honor to become a family.

So now, you understand.

The train to our sons region was great fun as I have posted! Driving to our wonderful hosts house was mysterious and I recall practicing every word I knew in Russian in hopes our son would be there upon our arrival! Marcos and I had been holding hands since we left the states and on the car ride our grip was Black Belt BJJ style! A strong grasp on each other and smiles back and forth. Upon arrival we met an angel named Luda who ushered us in and told us to make ourselves at home. Her home was beautiful and we could feel the hospitality just by looking in her eyes. We immediately found the balcony as it was a view to the street and we were told that her sweet Peter (husband) would be running another boy back to his orphanage and then picking up our son to bring him to us soon. There are so many at work for the fatherless. She told us to rest and she would prepare a meal for us. 

So we waited.

I wasn't sure what to wear....what would we say...should we take pictures...who hugs him first...what if we cry...will he be okay with a kiss on the cheek he's two years older now??? So many questions. So Marcos and I asked God and settled into the bed to rest. We ate a fabulous meal full of laughter and got to know our sweet Blessing of a host Luda.  I changed into a t-shirt and jeans since...well, thats Mom! Marcos put on a fresh shirt and decided I should hug him first and he would take the first photo. While we waited we saw a wedding celebration begin outside our apartment and the caravan of the party leave for the ceremony. How fitting God would choose this day. While we wait for our son to show us a union so precious as marriage. God is so good isn't he?

Our son arrived....

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