Sunday, July 31, 2011

God is Faithful

  Have you ever prayed so much you wondered if God would grow tired of your requests? Have you ever asked for the same thing so many times that your heart started to deceive you regarding God's power? I have.

   During our tour of Red Square, I tried not to cry. I had gone over and over and over in my head the memories of the previous visits with our son. He was smaller when we met. At twelve he reached almost to my 5'3 frame. His face was round with puffy cheeks and his eyes glowed like emeralds next to St. Basils. I remember his hand in mine and how often he giggled even in the chilly wind!

   In remembering the moments during prayer, I asked God to protect Samuel. I asked God to reveal His purpose,salvation and joy in Samuels life while we were away. I even wrote requests in my journal of specific prayers and often the same one resonated at the end of each paragraph, simply put, Please God bring Dima home to us soon!  

   So, In the spare hours of this Moscow morning I load photos displaying our son and I again in Red Square but this bringing him home! This time I know without a doubt that God was, is and always hears the cry of His children. I stand in awe, I am lost for words beyond Thank you and my heart is consumed with your presence in this place. We love you Father.

Enjoy the evidence of answered prayer via photographs!

A windy chill in Moscow October 2009 

A chilly Day in Moscow January 2010

A sunny Day in Moscow July 2011

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  1. Jamie, how precious it is to see the completion of your series of St. Basil's photos! God IS faithful! Samuel looks so happy. Tell him our family loves him.

    The Beavers