Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Details

Hello everyone,
    So many of you rejoiced with us upon coming home! We are grateful for your gift of encouragement and enthusiasm for our family! Your excitement has been a great uplifting for our souls and treasure in our hearts for our dear son. Someone once said to me, "Adoption is one thing but a biological child is something else." I never really understood the meaning but I do know this, Our son is the child of our hearts deeply loved every moment of his past and present by an incredible act of  love implanted in our hearts and minds by the One who created his life. We love him more than we could have imagined. Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you for your excitement,love,prayers and support.

 God Bless you so very much!

     So many of you have asked for details and while we await our sons homecoming we often get lost in the anticipation that details really get missed. I failed to journal every moment with Marcos and our son in Russia simply because the moments were too sweet and wonderful to pull away from. So bare with us as we do our best to recall the sweet moments orchestrated ever so beautifully day by day in the following posts. We hope you enjoy hearing each snipit and can Praise God with us!

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