Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butterflys and Groceries... an update from Moscow

  Hello everyone!
  I miss you all so much. I hope you are enjoying the blog following the events of last week and even in real time! More than anything I am praying God will touch your heart as I type words here.

    My beloved is a treasure as he takes care of the home, works and prepares for our son and I to arrive. I miss him dearly. Being alone in this big city is fun but its much more fun with Marcos. I have explored some but mostly prepared the apartment and settled in to read Gods word, rest and study Russian. I think I was exhausted from the last month of events and didn't realize it until I fell asleep on the phone with my mom! Sorry mom!

The food I just bought..cucumbers of course and the freezer has something really special...frozen pizza!

    Our friend Becky already showed us all the beautiful sights twice so I take photos from a distance and save the trek for a possible return when Samuel arrives tomorrow morning!

coffee, peanut butter, oatmeal ( prison food , private joke know what i'm talking about ) bread and cookies and me with a really goofy look on my face!

  Thank you everyone for your prayers and gifts to bring our son home. I pray God's abundant Blessings in your life.

  We love you..God loves you more.

-Jamie in Moscow

My beloved Marcos caught a friend in our garden having a snack! Isn't he magnificent! I cant imagine the colors and brilliance of heaven when we already have glimpse of such miraculous beauty here on earth! God be praised!

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  1. Oh Jamie, this is wonderful to read! Thank you for updating...we continue to pray for all three of you :) Love you!